Fitmas Challenge: Biceps + Triceps (W1D2)

I always find arm results come best when I take time and give proper attention the bicep and tricep muscles. And just a little tip from my experience… as much as I like looking for new and fun exercises, I’ve found that the best movements for arms are the staples: curls, hammer curls, kickbacks, push ups.

I use those on repeat in my workouts and each week, I push myself to hit another rep or use a little heavier weight. That’s all I’ve got for tips to sculpt those lady guns hehe.

[ ] Blog Workout: biceps + triceps 


I spent so much time putting together these 3 Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes that are just as delicious as the originals. I hope you love them. As are all my recipes, these are really easy to whip up so I hope they find their way on your dining table this Thanksgiving!

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