Fitmas Challenge: Back + Biceps (W2D5)

Ladies – do you train your back? Enough?? Including a back workout in my routine is a must. I will be the first to admit I was not good about this when I first began lifting.

I would rotate legs, arms and ab workouts like crazy because those were my goals (like many women). Only when I got deeper into understanding fitness and anatomy did I learn about the importance of often overlooked muscle groups like the back (and even chest).

The reason back in particular is important is due to posture! I sit at a desk and work on a computer for the majority of my day and my posture shows it… shoulders rolled forward, head tilted down, back hunched. Anyone else??

Through strengthening back muscles we can actually work to align our spines and promote proper posture. Bottom line.. train back! Regularly! I personally like a back and biceps combo as well as a back and chest training split.


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lauren gleisberg doing an upper body workout for women



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