ConfidenceKini- Week 3 Schedule + Sunday Q&A

Welcome to Week 3! This week is BIG because by now, you’re in the swing of things and you’re accustomed to this style of workouts. So, I’m going to challenge you this week to focus on increasing the weight!

You can do that in many ways but here is my favorite: increase weight with each set/circuit round.
Just go a little bit heavier! If you start using 8lb dumbbells, next set grab 10s and the following set go for the 12s. If you’re at home and you can’t increase the weight, add 1-2 additional reps onto each set.
Little things like this can lead to big results.
Last week, the food focus was a hit! I encourage you to keep that same food effort this week. I want to be straight with you and tell you that reaching your gym goals will happen much more efficiently if you combine these workouts with a healthy eating plan. Peek at the meals we are serving up at the bottom of this post!
Here’s to another great week! Don’t forget… you’re doing great! Just keep moving forward!

“Advice from a Pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, & stay sweet.”












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Take a peek at what’s on the Week 3 Meal Menu! Nutrition is just as important (if not more!) as your daily workouts, so this week, I highly encourage you to focus on what you’re eating!

  • Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
  • Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Fajita Chicken
  • Single Serving Bread (low carb & grain free!)
  • Chocolate Truffles


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Sundays are for answering a few of the most common questions I received during the previous week, so let’s dive in…
QUESTION: did you ever try out all those self tanners? what did you think?
ANSWER: YES! Okay, so awhile back I posted on Instagram stories asking if you ladies had recommendations for self tanners. I said I was looking for a more “natural” option and I guess by that I meant 2 things: 1) natural as in not orange haha and 2) natural as in not full things that are probably not so great to put on your skin.
So, I picked 4 (I think?! maybe 5) options and I told myself I would try each one 2-3 times depending on how much I liked it. I just have 1 left to try, which I’ll do this week, so that Self Tanner Review post will go live next week! I’m looking forward to it because I feel like so many people use self tanners and will share which they like but I’ve yet to find someone who compared competing ones, you know what I mean?! Good news is that there are 2 that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!
QUESTION: I saw you working out on this weekend and then having pizza. Can you share more about what you do on the weekends… do you always work out and do you stick to your healthy meals?
ANSWER: That’s a good question. So on the weekends, I always take 1 day off… not an active rest day (aka just going for a walk and/or stretching)… I’m talking off off like I don’t even think about the gym. My off day is typically Sunday unless we have a lot going on on Saturday in which I switch it around.
The reason I like to workout on one of the weekend days is because that I find taking 2 consecutive days off from the gym regularly leads to me having a harder time getting in the swing of things on Monday. Plus, my weekend workout is typically cardio which I find enjoyable to do with the family on the weekend. This Saturday, my husband, baby and I all went for a walk. I did run intervals alongside them.
As far as food goes… I’m more flexible on the weekends. My goal is that 3 of my 5 daily meals are nutrient-dense items and portioned out and that the other 2 have a bit more play. I do enjoy a treat or two on the weekends!
Awhile back, I wrote a blog post on WEEKEND MEAL PLAN (here) – I should do an updated one! That’s a really good read if you want to stay somewhat healthy over the weekend but also enjoy meals/drinks out and a few treats!
QUESTION: where did you get that red dress and shoes from your Instagram post?

THIS dress ($27) and THESE shoes ($59)

QUESTION: where did you get those bed sheets you and everyone are now talking about?
ANSWER: you guys, I seriously feel like I’ve overshared about my bed sheets. Background… I was on Instagram stories in bed one night and mentioned how much I loved my sheets and how they were just 20-something dollars from Amazon but they have 40,000 reviews and are legit amazing. I shared the link and you ladies went bonkers for them.
Just yesterday, my husband said to me, “babe, you’ve got to stop talking about those sheets” haha. BUT, I still get 50+ emails and DMs per day.
Sooo, if you missed it, THESE are the world’s most amazing $25 bed sheets that you can Amazon prime!
Have a great week, friends! XO

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