How about a mid-week sweat session? HIIT Cardio is on deck. One of my favorite things about training is the variety. As you know, I’m all about the weights because you really get the most bang for your buck when it comes to getting fit and lean BUT, I also like to sprinkle in a cardio day here and there. I like a mid-week cardio today because it breaks up the weight training. I even try to do these cardio days at home to change the scenery as well. If you prefer a different type of cardio, do 30 minutes of anything you’d like!

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SWEAT SESH SELFIE:  share a photo of you getting your workout onand hashtag #LGTeamKini and #LGAccountability tag me @laurengleisberg so I can be sure to see it too!

Today, I’m talking about MY #1 BEST AB TRAINING TIP! This one technique has helped increase the effectiveness of my ab workouts more than I can explain, leading to better results! If you’re doing any ab work, you must read this post!

Join in the challenge! It’s not too late!

The ConfidenceKini Challenge is 5 week fitness, food and lifestyle challenge. This spring challenge will help you shed weight and fat, gain muscle, see definition and most importantly, feel confident in your skin!


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