ConfidenceKini Extreme Week- Day 2

Day 2 of the most insane week of workouts I’ve ever created aka ConfidenceKini Extreme Week. Yesterday was intense and today’s workout is subtly just as challenging. It’s one of those workouts where when you look at it you think, “eh, not so bad” but half way through, the burn takes you by surprise. And, a burn it is… my arms and abs were literally burning throughout this workout. I would stop to take a second and just shake it out! Also, quick note… the 7 min round of burpees, I switched to modified burpees (no push up) – I highly suggest that modification haha.



This week of extreme workouts is a challenge I would love you to take me up on! It kicks off our summer momentum for getting in our best shape. I’ll have another plan following this week that we will follow until the summer challenge.

It’s about quick, intense workouts – as always! #30MinuteWorkoutRevolution

This week is going to be FUN! (kind of lol). To make up for all the sweat and pain I will likely cause you, I’m doing a giveaway EVERY DAY on Instagram so be sure to check in with me there too.



These workouts are all about completing as many rounds as you can.

1 ROUND: this is where I suggest starting for an intense workout

2 ROUNDS: this is the round where you have to really push yourself physically and mentally because you will want to throw in the towel. If you can complete 2 rounds, you’re amazing!

3 ROUNDS: I attempted a 3rd round… sometimes I made it, other times this is where I gave in. If you even attempt this round, you should be darn proud of yourself!

4 ROUNDS: I have no words if you make it to this, but I want to hear from YOU as to what your tips are haha



complete 1-3 rounds (4 if you dare)

lauren gleisberg arm workout



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