This is another combination I call a “curves made of muscle workout.” The back muscles are commonly overlooked by women who weight train. I’ll share a little secret. Training back is important for overall strength, symmetry and posture. And, a fit back gives the appearance of an even smaller waistline – count me in!



  • This workout consists of 4 supersets; a superset is when we perform 2 exercises back to back and rest only after both are completed
  • Complete 3 sets or rounds of each superset before moving onto the next
  • As always, use the equipment you have available; if you don’t have a barbell, use a set of dumbbells and if you’re not in a gym with a cable machine, use your resistance band
  • To turn your resistance band into a cable machine, fold your resistance band in half. Slide the folded center through the crack between a door and it’s frame (at the desired height). To secure your band in that space… on the other side of the door, place a water bottle or sock in the loop that forms in the resistance band. Shut the door and use as a cable machine.


“New Hair Style” – we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones in the gym, so let’s try it in our lives as well. Switch up your hair style today… curls, straight, fishtail, a high pony, something you don’t normally do! Rock it and share your beautiful self with the community! #LGTeamKini



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