Back + Biceps (Pyramid Style) Workout

You bet it’s back buttt more intense… here is your 850 rep challenge workout! Last week’s 800 rep challenge was one that was certainly not easy but seeing how much fun you ladies had with it made me want to create another one (and make it just a bit more difficult). This upper body workout will target the back and bicep muscles.

I really hope you’re enjoying these different styles of workouts. I not only love creating them for you but I myself have been so excited to get to the gym. 
What the heck am I talking about with these different styles of workouts? So, usually, I use a workout structure of  3 sets of 15 reps of an exercise or a superset of 15 reps of each movement. With that, I typically include the staple weight lifting movements: curls, squats, presses, etc. Simply put… I find that to be the most effective for women who want to build muscle and shed some fat; we can then focus on lifting heavier as the challenge with each workout.
Switching up the workout style from time to time is good for the body and our minds. Have you been enjoying the changes too? Okay, now I’m excited to see what I can come up for next week! Go get after those 850 reps!



  • This workout consists of 5 exercises performed one after the next with just a minute of rest in between
  • DECREASE Increase Option 1: perform drop sets in which you use a lighter weight to finish the suggested rep range
  • DECREASE Intensity Option 2: complete less rounds if needed/rest longer if needed
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