It’s a new week and day 6 of the Spring Calendar Workout Plan. To me, a new week is always a fresh start, so if you haven’t yet joined in on the calendar challenge, do so HERE.

All you’ll need to do is:

1) download the calendar here

2) follow the free blog workouts Mon, Wed and Fri

3) use the LG Sisters Get Strong plan on Tue & Thur (and an optional weekend workout)


Whenever I share a new program, challenge or calendar plan, I follow it in real time with you because then we get to hit all the highs and obstacles together. But, I like to get 1 day ahead so that I can occasionally get clips of my workouts to share for form demonstrations.

Day 6 Workout Form Demo Video: HERE

Every Sunday (or let’s be real, it’s 2018 there’s no such thing as “every” or “all of the time” haha. Let me rephrase- most Sundays, we get together with my parents and sister for Sunday dinner.

My mom came early to watch my little guy, Leo so Anthony and I could get out together. We went to the gym and grocery store… typical hot date stuff haha. We enjoy being together so regardless of what we do, we have a good time.

Most days, I workout alone but Anthony was there yesterday to catch some clips of me getting my workout on.

Did you have a nice weekend?


lauren gleisberg doing an arm and ab workout

Yesterday, a miracle happened in my home… I finished my entire to-do list and I had energy after, so I did a Sunday Q&A blog post!

I answered questions like:

  • Where I got the black and white shirt from Saturday’s posts (that was actually the week’s top question lol)
  • How many days I did 30×30 to get back in shape
  • What I think of Whole30
  • When the MOM gear is launching
  • About the collagen supplement I’m taking
  • My patio details


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