Friday Five: 5 Favorite Podcasts

I was late to the podcast party but now I totally ride that bandwagon! I am obsessed and today I am sharing my 5 favorite podcasts as part of today’s Friday Five. If you’re new here, my Friday 5 is a collection of 5 things I am really into – from my 5 fav Amazon purchases of the month to my 5 favorite daily fit life staples – these are some of my favorite posts to write for you. Let’s dive in…




Hands down… this is my most-listened to podcast. The best thing I can say about it is that it is so practical and applicable. That resinates a lot with my because it’s what I strive for with all my blog posts. This podcast is for the woman who just wants tips and tricks to feel a little bit better.

I like that these podcasts aren’t ridiculously long. I will listen to one while I am driving or when I am walking Leo in the morning… I don’t always like to dedicate 1+ hour to a podcast, you know what I mean. Just the other day I played one on our AM walk and it was about acting how you want to feel as opposed to feeling angry and then reacting so it. Her stuff is simple but all day I was thinking “okay… if you want to feel happy or in charge of your day, do things that make you feel that way” so I dressed up to take control of my work day… go figure my productivity skyrocketed.

She has A LOT of old podcasts, so you can see if anything strikes you!




You know I am a Real Housewives junkie BUT I was not actually expecting to love this podcast as much as I do. For some reason, Heather totally hooks you.

I have different podcasts that I listen to at different times. For example, in the AM or when I am wanting a boost of motivation, I would opt for a Happier episode. I think of Heather Dubrow’s World podcast as one that keeps me company. For example, when I’m in the laundry room for 20 minutes folding, I’ll put it on. When I’m cleaning the kitchen, I’ll put it on. 

I love her advice, insight, stories AND products. Heather obviously lives a fabulous life which is fun to hear about. I appreciate a woman who shares her tips and tricks.

There have been several times where she mentions a product or website or book (not the sponsored ads but ones she’s really talking about) and I jot it down. Just the other day she was talking about getting new pillows and how she likes pillow protectors. My husband and I are crazy about changing our sheets once per week and our pillow cases every other night but I totally forgot about a pillow protector. The idea behind them is that since we obviously don’t wash our actual pillows, the protector prevents your drool/germs from seeping into the pillow – I instantly ordered ones from Amazon. I love those kind of ideas. It’s definitely a good listen!



I love Jenna for 2 reasons – 1) her podcasts and messages are spot on and 2) she’s from Wisco too! I actually know a lot of people whose weddings she photographed back home. 

This podcast is for you if you’re a business owner or have a side hustle or maybe one day hope to. Jenna is a photographer turned total entrepreneur boss babe. She is very inspirational. She shares all sorts of lessons from her experience. 

Whenever I listen to her podcasts, she gets me thinking outside of the box. AND, I love that she infuses a lot of her personal life into her brand. I feel like I connect with people so much more when they share parts of their lives not just their business and what they do.



For awhile now, I’ve followed Lauryn and her blog the Skinny Confidential. Then, she began this amazing podcast where she discusses all things health and wellness alongside her husband. 

The best part about this podcast is all the amazing guests she brings on. They’re complete leaders in their industries and she has the best questions to ask them. Whatever the topic is you really feel like you’re getting a good scoop.

Another thing I love about this podcast is how innovative it is. I feel like she shares on topics before they get super popular. She is definitely another boss babe and her podcast is so informative and fun.

him & her the skinny confidential podcast


A few weeks ago, Amy asked me to be her guest on an episode of this podcast. I checked it out and instantly became obsessed. This is definitely a podcast for the everyday mama who is out there trying to do her best.

Everything Amy shares is so relatable. She has episodes on how to help your kids eat well, postpartum emotions, info from an L&D nurse, infertility, birthing experiences – just about everything motherhood, this podcast discusses. 

When you’re a mom connection and community become even more important to you. It’s comforting to know you’re not alone in your struggles and to gain insight from those who have already gone through the stages you’re currently going through. This podcast is all that and more! 

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