ConfidenceKini – Week 4 Workout Schedule

We are rolling into week 4… can you believe it?! I’ve been enjoying this challenge so much that I am officially deciding to extend it; ConfidenceKini EXTREME will kick off as a 6th week of the challenge. What that means for you… keep kicking your own butt with these workouts because another week with an elevated level of intensity only means that you can further your results.


If you’ve stepped away, now is the perfect opportunity to recommit. Don’t worry about any missed workouts… just start right here, right now. If you’ve been consistent the entire way, keep up all your hard work and keep moving forward!


lauren gleisberg in pink asos bikini swimwear

I’m always excited for more sweat and weight lifting with you. So, let’s keep at it. Now is the time to recommit to your goals, put in a little bit of organization today to set yourself up for a great week and get at it.

You’ve got this… you are doing amazing!

xo Lauren















Take a peek at what’s on the Week 4 Meal Menu! Nutrition is just as important (if not more!) as your daily workouts, so this week, I highly encourage you to focus on what you’re eating!


  • Lemon Coconut Bars
  • Spaghetti Squash Chicken Bowl
  • Veggie Patties
  • Chicken Club Pasta Salad
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl


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It’s my 1st official Mother’s Day and my heart is so full of love. I want to extend that to you on this special day of love and appreciation!

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I want to share a few recommendations…

POSTPARTUM MOM: after I followed my postpartum plan, I completed 30×30 and had an amazing experience; see my progress pics here

^I would also highly suggest that plan to the woman looking to lose some stubborn weight/fat

WOMEN LOOKING TO BUILD MUSCLE: the weight training plan 2.0 is where it’s at for getting fit and lean: home version or gym version

ALL WOMEN: the LG Meal Plan is without a doubt the most impactful plan I’ve followed; it doesn’t go on sale often so if you’ve been thinking about joining… scoop it up with the code

Have a lovely day!

xo Lauren

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