WORKOUT WITH ME WEDNESDAY: No Equipment Cardio & Ab Circuit

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Tip of the Day: All anything requires is decision followed by action! Do you ever find you have a task that sits on your to-do list for weeks? It generally sits at the bottom in that spot called “oh yes, I should do this, but I most likely will find an excuse not to” hehe. For me, that place holds tasks like returns and miscellaneous phone calls; it’s typically the stuff we dread, yet know is important.
What also may sneak into that zone are tasks such as: grocery shopping, getting to the gym, meal prepping, etc. Be very careful with allowing any health or wellness tasks to slip between the cracks. From personal experience (both successes and failures), I’ve learned taking positive, impactful action requires FEELING GOOD!
How can we feel good? The best, quickest way to uplift our mood is through working out. Studying the physiology behind this demonstrates the truth to this! When working out, the body releases chemicals called endorphins; these endorphins find their way to receptors within the brain where “pain” is measured. Endorphins act as analgesics, diminishing the perception of pain.  In fact, endorphins bind to some of the same receptors that pain medications bind to! So, that “euphoric” feeling post-workout or that “runner’s high” both are the real deal.
The bottom line is that when we put our health and wellness tasks at the top of our to-do lists it leads to feeling good. When we feel confident, we are more likely to accomplish the greater challenges of our day! So, don’t put that workout off any longer!
-Is the science nerd/biology major in me showing?? Oops, I love this stuff-
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