WORKOUT WITH ME WEDNESDAY: Legs (#LGFitmas Day 11) – 12/3

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Workout Wednesday Tip: In yesterday’s post, I gave some tips on how to keep your meals new and exciting. Similarly, sustaining long-term motivation for fitness requires constant switch ups, especially in scenery! If you’re going to the same gym, using the same equipment, and staring at the same view off the cardio machine every day, your workouts may become a bit dull. A simple change of scenery can stimulate your senses, providing a new excitement for your workout! Plus, we all know how different running on the treadmill and running outdoors are!

If only I could do cardio on the beach, I would go running every day! Beautiful views, fresh air, and the sounds of nature almost allows you to forget about you’re exercising and enables you to focus on enjoying! Do you find this true too?
Swimsuit: Victoria Secret

Day 11 Challenge: ((Outside)) Get outside today; if you’re up for it, try this entire workout in your backyard or even enjoy a simple 10 minute walk with your dog or to a fun playlist! Share your view with the community!

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