Why you NEED a Healthy Eating Plan B

What exactly is a Healthy Eating Plan B and why do you need one? I’m about to tell you what and why! When it comes to healthy eating, we all know what we should be doing. The breakdown for most of us usually happens with the implementation, which is why I have a little trick known as a “Healthy Eating Plan B” that is going to help your nutrition game big time.

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Like I mentioned, for the vast majority of us, the struggle with healthy eating is not “what should I eat” rather “will I actually do it.” Let’s face it… healthy eating takes a bit more effort and preparation than eating junk food. Yet, it’s far from impossible. 
I always say – you’re going to eat today, right? No matter how busy you are or stressed you feel, you’re going to have a lunch and/or a dinner, correct? Yep. Well, then it’s up to you as to what you eat and how nutritious that meal is. That’s my little bit of a hard a$$ mentality for you lol.
The top reason I find that healthy eating fails most often for women is because they don’t follow through with the above. It’s not that they’re uneducated and don’t understand what to it. It’s not that they don’t have the time. It’s simply that they just don’t do it. For whatever reason, making that healthy choice is a bit “harder” than the less nutrition option.
We often choose the simpler, easier route. Is it quicker to get fresh ingredients from your grocery store and make a home cooked meal or swing past a fast food restaurants or opt for pantry snacks for lunch? 
A Healthy Eating Plan B is an option that proves to be just as “easy” as junk food yet it a much better, nutritious option.
To better illustrate this point, let’s imagine what a Healthy Eating Plan A would be. In my mind, I would sit down on Sunday AM and meal plan (different from meal prepping). I did a full post on it HERE. I pick ~5-7 meals that I can make during the week and I grocery shop for necessary items.
Taking Plan A one step further, on Sunday or Monday, I’ll spend an hour or two cooking some of these meals ahead of time so I can simply reheat and enjoy throughout the week. These meals are made of whole foods. They’re nutrient-dense ingredients. And I eat proper portions.
As you’re reading that, I’m sure you’re noting where Plan A breaks down for you. Some weeks, I can stick to that and other weeks, I just don’t. That’s okay and why I’m teaching you the Plan B.
For Plan B, I grocery shop for quick, easy options that can serve as a healthy or healthy-ish meal. It may not be as “good” as Plan A but it beats fast food and snacking.
And just a tip… for Plan B focus on protein options because that’s what tends to take the most amount of time to cook in a meal.
ROTISSERIE CHICKEN: I always always always get a rotisserie chicken from my grocery store. In fact, my grocery store offers an organic, all natural one that they actually take off the bones and sell in a container. It’s awesome. It’s a protein option that’s already cooked. I can easily add it to a variety of sides to make a full meal in less than 10 minutes.
AMY’S BRAND MEALS: this is just 1 of many amazing brands out there that I like because I can find a ton of options at my grocery store. I’ll link the website HERE so you can see the meals and be sure to check your frozen food section for these. I pick up like 5-6 of these at a time when I’m at the grocery store. The Gluten Free Lasagna (made with brown rice pasta) and the Broccoli and Cheddar Bake Bowl are my 2 favs as I am sure you’ve seen me share on IG stories. This meal is so easy to add ground beef/turkey or rotisserie chicken to for a fast, Plan B option!
DELI MEAT: this is a plan b for me because I think there are more natural options but I always strive to find a quality deli meat at my grocery store. I get all natural, uncured off the bone ham and turkey. I love deli wraps (meat with a little bit of cheese & lettuce rolled up. I’ll make a sandwich or even add ham to eggs. Quick protein option & perfect for on the go.
HARDBOILED EGGS: now you can quickly hard boil eggs at home. I recently bought THIS product on Amazon that makes them perfectly OR if you’re really about the plan b, some stories sell eggs hardboiled which is awesome. This isn’t a Plan B because it’s less healthy just because of how convenient they are. 
INDIVIDUAL SIZED SNACKS: I have 2 takes on snacks. 1) if you don’t buy them, you won’t eat them (I think this works if you’re just buying food for yourself or everyone in your household is on board with this approach) 2) be smart about snacks (this is the stance I think you take when you have children or others in the home who eat snacks more regularly).
Almost all snacks out there have single serving options, which I like because it limits the quantity we can eat. If I sit down with a big bag of chips, I’m telling you… I’ll eat the whole family size lol. If I limit Annie’s bunnies to the single serving packet that’s all I will eat. This is just a little self control helper.
PROTEIN SHAKES: when I need a protein option but don’t have time to cook, I will use a protein shake to fulfill that spot. Protein shakes are different than smoothies. A shake is just a combination of protein powder and water or milk. I will then build a meal with sides (fats, carbs, veggies, etc.) to create a full meal.

A way I sneak in protein is through Vital Protein’s Collagen. I know a lot of you have started taking this supplement for joint, gut, and hair/skin/nails health. BUT, I’m not sure everyone realizes 1 servings contains 9 grams of protein. I take 1-2 servings each day so sneaking in 18 grams of protein through a supplement that I use for other purposes is awesome. 

If you’re new to collagen, be sure you read THIS FAQ post and THIS update post I did on the real results I noticed after taking collagen for 90 days.

My hope in sharing this is that you start thinking of options that would work for you as a Plan B. Of course I want you to aim high when it comes to healthy eating but I also find it helpful to have backup or Plan B options. This little trick has helped me so much and I hope it does the same for you!

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