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This is an absolute must! NOT just for moms… for every woman! And, unfortunately, we don’t realize how important it is until it becomes problematic. I am talking about the Pelvic Floor + Core muscles.

Maybe you landed here because you pee yourself a little when you jump, cough or giggle. Perhaps you are reading this because you are a mom and heard these ares are especially important to strengthen. Or, you could be a woman who hasn’t even had children or had children a decade ago and are curious about all this pelvic floor and core hype.

I am glad you are here because regardless of why you stumbled across this page, I know this is going to help you!

As you may have already heard, I am a HUGE advocate for strengthening these areas and today I want to explain the nitty gritty science behind why to and how to strengthen your pelvic floor and core.

Let’s first start with a quick anatomy lesson. 
The pelvic floor consists of muscle and connective tissue that spans the area underneath the pelvis. You can think of the pelvic floor as a hammock, stretching from the pubic bone at the front of the body to the end of the tail bone. The pelvic floor functions to physically support digestive and reproductive organs that sit above it.
The core and pelvic floor are often discussed together because they work together as a system. They must be restrengthened simultaneously to assist us not only during workouts but also through every day movements. 
pelvic floor anatomy
Before I even released my Pelvic Floor + Core Plan, I shared that ALL women (NOT JUST MOMS!) should be doing exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor and core. 
Why?? Think of it this way…
We all have pelvic floor muscles. We all have core muscles. Right? Right! Okay… so just like every other muscle on our body, as we age, those muscles will weaken. The symptoms associated with a weak pelvic floor and core will affect us all. Therefore, it only makes sense for ALL women to be strengthening these areas.
For moms, the pelvic floor and core becomes especially important because of the impact pregnancy has on these areas. The weight of carrying a baby and the trauma caused by delivery makes moms more susceptible to a weak pelvic floor and core (+the associated symptoms).
Do you see what I mean?!
We should exercise and strengthen our pelvic floor and core for both preventative/anti-aging and restorative/postpartum reasons.
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction + Weak Core Symptoms:

  • Lack of physical core strength 
  • Lower abdomen pooch 
  • Incontinence (leaky bladder)
  • Vaginal heaviness or pressure
  • Difficulty holding back gas
  • Painful sex

Strengthening the pelvic floor and core can be tricky because it requires specific activation techniques and exercises, which I will explain below. 
TECHNIQUE: before beginning any pelvic floor and core exercises, it’s essential to properly activate these areas, especially the pelvic floor. You could complete months of pelvic floor exercises but without properly activating the muscles, you would never actually work the area or experience the true benefits. I teach the activation technique in my Pelvic Floor + Core Plan and I highly recommend you master these before proceeding through any exercises.
EXERCISES: next up are the exercises. Pelvic floor and core exercises look like “beginner” ab exercises except when completely with the proper techniques I teach, they are much more difficult than they look.
I don’t sugarcoat anything. I give it to you straight. I don’t provide “fluff” workouts. I give you plans that work
The Pelvic Floor + Core Plan works IF you 1) follow the techniques to properly activate and 2) stay consistent with the training. I will continue to follow this type of training for the rest of my life because I needed it to restrengthen after 2 babies and I will continue for anti-aging reasons. 
Results I Noticed:

  • flatter stomach (especially the stubborn lower ab area)
  • healed diastasis recti
  • stronger core during exercises
  • ability to control my bladder during high intense moves (running, burpees, jumps, etc.)
  • vaginal pressure completely gone (this was a struggle after having my 1st son)
  • sexual benefits* (this is a reason a lot of women begin these types of plans in the first place)

OVERALL: I went from having diastasis recti and a weak pelvic floor + core (so weak that I could barely hold a plank for 10 seconds and I peed myself when completing jump squats) to having the flattest, strongest, leanest core of my life (even after a baby!)

^photos are 5 months apart

I designed this for every woman at any stage: new moms, moms who’ve had children years ago + women who aren’t moms

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