Weekly Meal Plan (Feb 2-8)

I just completed the Weight Training Plan 2020 and had such great results that I am going to repeat it starting Monday. I am as committed to my nutrition/meals this week as I am my workouts. My kids are loving chicken lately so you’ll notice lots of meals with chicken. Make sure to stock up on chicken breasts if you’re grocery shopping and following along with me this week.


Meal planning is exactly as it sounds: planning your meals ahead of time. For me, I plan out all my dinners and then just think of some breakfast and snack options. 
I plan it out exactly as you’ll see below. I check what i have on hand and i’ll grocery shop for any necessary items.


Many of the recipes that I will reference in these eating + meal planning posts can be found in my Meal Plan. As part of my meal plan, I send weekly cookbooks out each week of the challenge, so this is how I am incorporating those recipes into what I am eating this week.
I HIGHLY recommend this plan to those women who want to see results through food. It’s an easy-to-follow eating approach that teaches you macro combinations, portions + even optimal timing. Yet, you’ll still be eating your favorite foods like pizza, pasta, cookies, chips and chocolate (seriously!)


I like to cook a fresh, different dinner each night. This approach is magic because…

  • I actually get to enjoy a just-made delicious dinner (that’s quick to make, typical LG style) 
  • my cravings kick in at night and having a delicious dinner helps curb my PM cravings + snacking
  • I double the recipe so that I always have leftovers for the follow day’s lunch 

Here’s what I’ll be cooking this week. If you’re following my approach, don’t forget to double your serving while you cook to have a healthy, reheatable lunch option for the next day.
Just a reminder that recipes I reference below are found in this Meal Plan.
CHICKEN SALAD – my husband and I love fresh salads. You can really spruce this up however you may like. Add some cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, cheese, whatever you usually like on your salad; I often buy salad kits from my grocery store with all the extra ingredients in 1 package. We usually bake Trader Joe’s chicken tenders in the oven and cut it up to go on top and whichever dressing you like. If you have kids who don’t or won’t eat salad, feel free to give them the chicken with a fruit or veggie.mondayTACO LASAGNA  – this may be the LG community’s fav recipe. I shared myself making this on my IG stories and received soooo many questions, comments, and positive feedback about it. My sister had some for dinner and is now requesting me to make it every time she is over. Super easy and absolutely delicious…may be a new weekly staple for me!
recipe found in the warm + toasty cookbook

HEALTHY SIMPLE SPAGHETTI  – simple & easy healthy spaghetti or “sketti” as my boys call it. ONLY 4 ingredients to make this delicious meal.
find the free recipe HERE

GRILLED CALIFORNIA CHICKEN – like I said in the into, make sure to get extra chicken for today and tomorrow’s meals. 2 completely different flavors and meals made simply from simple chicken breasts. This one is refreshing and yummy yet very filling!
recipe found in Spring 2018 cookbook 

thursdayFAJITA CHICKEN – building off of yesterdays meal… simple chicken breasts topped with mouthwatering seasoning and toppings to create a fajita flavoring. You must try this one!
recipe found in Spring 2018 cookbook

COWBOY PASTA SALAD – this pasta salad is one of my favorites to make. To add more protein to the meal, I’ll probably include leftover chicken from Wednesday’s or Thursday’s meal.
recipe found in Spring 2018 cookbook

TREAT MEAL! I use Saturday night as a time to enjoy treats – go ahead and enjoy! Share what you’re indulging in on social and tag me because I am all about it haha.

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