When Friday rolls in, something magical happens! Our excitement is sky high. Our weekend plans are filled with activities our hearts desire. Friends and family are thrown into the mix. And, we are off to the races!

This weekend meal plan is for the woman who wants to get fit and shed body fat AND go out on the weekends, eat at restaurants and have some drinks!

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With a less structured schedule and an increase in social events, we don’t seem to put forth as much energy to our workouts and healthy meals as we do during the work week. The LG style of healthy living is to provide the tools you need to live healthy while enjoying every darn bit of the amazing life you’re creating!
Still, it doesn’t make much sense to work your booty off ((or on ;)) for half of the week only to self-sabotage your results on the weekends. I want you to enjoy your weekends guilt-free while working toward your results, so I’m here to teach you a foolproof way to do exactly that. You psyched?! I sure am!!

Should we name this technique?! Perhaps the LG Weekend Meal Plan?! #LGWeekendMealPlan

Here’s the deal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3/5 meals will follow the guidelines listed below. Your other 2 meals can be eaten out, follow a relaxed structure, ingested in liquid form ((bubble bubble ;)) or you can keep crushing it by sticking right to the LG Meal Plan!


For the first meal of the day, cook it right at home and keep it healthy! A strong start to the day is vitally important to your overall health! Plus, a well fed you first thing in the AM will mean you’re less likely to overindulge later in the day! Some suggestions I have from the LG Meal Plan… egg scramble, pro-nola, breakfast taquitos or protein packed french toast! They’re delicious, pretty quick to prep and ones the entire family will surely enjoy! One healthy meal down…. effortlessly!


Try to keep from making your smoothie for meal 1 and instead, save it for a meal later in the day! Since a smoothie requires just a few minutes to make, it’s the perfect option for when you swing home to eat in between weekend activities. Less time in the kitchen means more time to enjoy! Make a smoothie that satisfies all the LG Meal Plan food plate sections to ensure it provides enough energy to keep you going! Now you just had your second healthy meal of the day… I bet you’re feeling great and ready to take on more weekend fun!


On the weekends, make a tweak to the usual Eat Your Way Lean meals by taking out carbs from any one of your daytime meals. Why is this important? Weekends come with hidden carbs…. the bread basket, sugary sauces at restaurants, wine, dessert, snacks ((al of that is totally okay in moderation)) and we can stay on track by subtracting carbs from a meal to make room for those a few goodies! BOOM…. three healthy meals like it ain’t no thang!

This leaves two meals for you to enjoy a bit more than usual! Put your twist on those two meals… make them work for you! On the weekends, I’m a big fan of patio brunching with friends, football afternoons with a few snacks and the fam, and dinner dates with the hubby… when I get in my #LGWeekendMealPlan there’s room for all of that!

This sounds pretty stinkin’ manageable doesn’t it?!

Example #LGWeekendMealPlan:

Breakfast – Egg Scramble ((recipe in Eat Your Way Lean))
Smoothie – Creamy Green Protein Smoothie ((recipe in Eat Your Way Lean))
Carb-Less Meal – Chicken Cordon Bleu ((recipe in Guilt Free Food Guide))
Breakfast – Pro-Nola + sliced almonds ((recipe in Eat Your Way Lean))

Smoothie – Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie ((recipe in Eat Your Way Lean))

Carb-Less Meal – Margherita Pizza Bites + Grilled Chicken ((recipe in Guilt Free Food Guide))

Breakfast -Protein Packed French Toast ((recipe in Guilt Free Food Guide))

Smoothie – Berry Good Green Smoothie + chia seeds ((recipe in Guilt Free Food Guide))
Carb-Less Meal – Roasted Garlic & Parm Shrimp ((recipe in Guilt Free Food Guide))

Check in with the community! I would love to hear how the #LGWeekendMealPlan works for you! I’ll see you Sunday for meal prep!

If you haven’t already joined in on the LG Meal Plan for guidelines of how to eat your way lean + 100 “I can’t believe this is healthy” healthy recipes, you’re going to love it, especially combined with your Fit and Lean 2016 workouts!!


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