Who doesn’t get sick of cardio from time to time?! If you’re not feeling your workouts, it’s not you! A lot of people think that when they lack motivation, it’s “their fault.” Sometimes, all it takes is switching up your workouts to jump back in.

That was totally me yesterday! I wanted to do a cardio workout but wasn’t feeling the gym or a traditional walk/run type of cardio.

My husband, Anthony and I went to a park nearby with a walking trail. Instead of doing the trail in a standard way, I found a section that I could use to complete all sorts of glute emphasized/cardio movements.

If you’re looking for a switch up workout this week, I highly suggest you try this one.

To Do: Before beginning this workout, find a portion of a trail you’ll be using that is about 100 meters. If you don’t have a trail, you can use any street, parking lot or track
^when I reference a “set” below: 1 set = 100 meters back and forth (=200 meters total)
^if you don’t want to measure in distance you can do 1 set = 1 minute
Warm Up:
3 sets – Jog
1 set – Long Jumps
1 set – Karaoke 
1 set – High Knees
1 set – But Kicks
1 set – Power Skipping
1 set – Walking Lunges
…repeat HIIT section 4-6x
Cool Down:
3 sets – Jog 


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