Anthony’s Top 6 Running Tips (Beginner Friendly)

I love a blog takeover, and today, I am turning over the keyboard to my husband, Anthony. Anthony is very athletic and works out regularly. He recently decided to take up running and it’s been amazing to witness his progress in such a short time. One of Anthony’s greatest qualities is his determination. If he is interested in something, he dedicates himself to it. Anthony isn’t afraid to be a beginner, and he will immerse himself in learning in order to become better. I love that our boys witness this on a daily basis and can only hope they take on this trait too. Here’s Anthony…


First, I would like to start this post off by saying I am no “professional runner” and I am not the end all be all when it comes to running information. With that said, over the last few months (really when COVID hit) I have really taken a strong liking to running, distance running, pretty much anything that involves running . I have just found a few tips and tricks along the way that have helped significantly. I have been able to shave minutes off longer run times using these tips that I have learned myself and by just watching others run (who are must more proficient).


Top 6 Running Tips (Beginner Friendly)

Here are my top 6 tips that have helped me along the way…

1. Hydration

This is somewhat of an obvious one but for me it’s made a huge difference. I notice that when I go for longer runs (8-10 miles) this REALLY makes a difference. I find that its best to make sure you are properly hydrated a good half hour to hour before your run. I tend to run in the morning after we drop the boys off at school. So right when I get up I will make sure to have about half of a sports drink like Gatorade. I prefer the zero sugar ones as I am more so looking for the electrolyte support and not the carbs. I then will take the other half of the Gatorade with me on my run. The amount you drink is person to person obviously but I make sure to have 15-20 ounces 30-60 min before my run and 15-20 ounces during my run. Not huge on LARGE amounts of water during training but that’s for another time…

2. Pace yourself

I have found that running is like anything else in life. A math game. I strongly suggest a running app that can help you track your strides, mile pace, overall times, distances, etc. I have found that the app RunKeeper (zero affiliation whatsoever) works really well. I set to it read times to me. The ones I’m looking for are the current pace, distance and overall time. Reason is, I like to know what current pace I am running at. I have it set to read out loud every 2.5 minutes. This way I know exactly my times and whether I need to slow down or speed up depending on the goal I am looking for. Some people get this one wrong. I was one of those people that would start out super strong/fast for the first few miles then peter out when the going got tough. I find that by keeping a good/even pace throughout my runs, it’s far easier to complete and get a better read on where I can improve on. Plus, it feels way more relaxing this way and not having to “make up time” at the end of the run. I hate that feeling.

3. Breathing

Breathing is a big one. Maybe it’s just me but my legs have never “given out” on me while running. Whether it’s going for a fast mile time or a 10 mile weekend run, they never have. My breathing sure has though. I learned early on in my little runny journey (lol) that keeping your breathing under control so to speak is killer when it comes to fast run times but most of all, completing the run! I like to think of my breathing as part of the equation in the sense that it’s so important to keep a good steady breathing pace throughout the entire run. It just as important to me as a good stride is. Don’t get lazy with this as it creeps up on you the last few miles. Make sure to take deep breaths throughout the entire run as it only gets harder the longer/faster you go.

4. Body positioning

This can make or break your run just like the ones mentioned above. Find a good upright running position to give you the most optimal running stride. I have played/tried a few different positions/strides but what works best for me is to always remain upright even when the going gets tough. Early on through this running journey, I would find myself almost bent over while running the last few miles/minutes. By doing so, you are putting a ton of stress on your lower back thus making the run that much more difficult. (As if it isn’t tough enough haha). This is NOT optimal for good times/finishing your runs. I would tell myself to remain more upright and it’s something I still have to remind myself when the run gets tough…stay upright.

5. Track Times and Distance (Only If You Care To) 

 I personally like to track my times but not always. I like to find what works for me pace wise and try to chip away at it slowly but surely. Some people like to skip the tracking part, that’s totally fine too. To be honest, this is how I started my love for running. I just wanted to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, but then my competitive side kicked in lol.

6. “Don’t Take Your Dying Last Breath”

This is a good one that I have learned from Louie Simmons in the powerlifting/weight lifting world. I like to leave a good 5-7% in the tank so to speak. I always have a reserve of speed/faster times/longer runs, etc. I feel like this has made my recovery much better. Train but don’t train to a point where you can’t recover from. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the more more more mentality with running but remember

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lao-Tzu

I really hope these simple yet very effective tips can help you. To be honest, it was a good refresher for me as well. So I thank you for that. That is all for now. Stay well.



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