Thanksgiving Recap: Family Photos + My Thanksgiving Letter to You

Every Thanksgiving, I write you a letter, expressing how thankful I am for you, the LG Community and for all that we have to be thankful for. That message just didn’t sit right this Thanksgiving during a pandemic.

It’s hard not to think of the year in terms of what we’ve missed out on: the people we’ve missed seeing, the places we’ve missed going and the things we’ve missed doing.

In fact, you may be sitting down to a Thanksgiving table without many of your loved ones because of the current status of the world. You may be finding it harder to be thankful this year, and that’s okay. It’s also why I wanted to share this encouragement.

This year, expressing gratitude may be harder but even more essential. Gratitude is the exact thing that helps us focus on what we have as opposed to what we don’t have.

Gratitude is an attitude. If we can cultivate and strengthen it this year, can you imagine how thankful we are going to be in the coming years?!

When I look back at my life, I notice that my lowest points were actually set ups for highs higher than I could have hoped for. What if we allow this year and this Thanksgiving to be the set up?!

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so we must be thankful today. If we can learn to appreciate our life today, just imagine how we can grow that gratitude in the future.

I hope you know how thankful I am for you and for the opportunity to connect with you. When our first stay at home order hit, I looked at Team LG and said, “let’s step it up and let’s be there for our community through this.” We’ve worked nights, weekends and holidays. We’ve worked without childcare and from all types of locations. We’ve committed to serve you and I hope you feel how much you mean to us and how dedicated we are to you.

From the bottom of my heart… thank you for being here and thank you for putting your trust in me. I appreciate you more than I can express!

We will continue to make the best of this and we will come out on top. I will continue to be there for you every step of the way!

Now… go eat some good food ;):) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

All my love,

anthony, leo, beckham lococo and lauren gleisberg family

Waking up Thanksgiving morning  I was especially thankful.  I woke up to my 2 healthy and happy boys calling for me. I brought them down from their cribs and spent special time cuddled them on the couch with my husband, taking in just how special this time is and how grateful I truly am.

We spent time outside (their favorite thing to do) and we were all able to enjoy a family golf cart ride.

leo and beckham lococo lauren gleisberg family

We hosted my family for an early dinner.  My parents and sister arrived during the boys’ nap so we were able to enjoy a quiet family dinner together. My mom made her famous cheesy hash brown potatoes (I posted the recipe (here) – you’ve got to try it!) and my dad made his mom’s (my grandma’s) stuffing. Our family enjoys ham over turkey, so Anthony and I got a Honey Baked Ham. The meal was amazing…see below. 😉

debbie gleisberg cheesy hashbrown potatoes


The boys woke up from their naps and we the whole family enjoyed time outside playing. Back inside, we had our epic dance party and laughed non-stop. 

When everyone had left and the boys were down in bed, I sat on the couch reflecting. I am grateful for this wonderful life I have been given. I have a wonderful family, a supportive husband, 2 beautiful healthy and happy boys, and my amazing LG Community who allows me to live out my passion and love what I do each and every day.

lauren gleisberg and anthony lococo


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