Make up? At the gym?? These 6 products create gym friendly make up look and can help you feel a bit more put together if you’ve got places to be post workout. If I wear make up to the gym, this is my go-to line up. It only takes me a few minutes but helps me feel effortlessly put together.

lauren gleisberg workout make up for the gym
If you watch my Instagram stories, you know I’m usually fresh faced at the gym each AM… no make up, barely brushed hair but happy to be there lol. When I go to a yoga class, have errands to run after my workout or know I’m going to be meeting up with people, this is the quick make up look I wear at the gym. It’s light and stays put while I’m getting my sweat on. I hope you enjoy it.
I will say… I think it’s best for your skin to be and breathe during your workout, which means no make up. With that said, I believe if a woman feels more confident with a bit of make up on at the gym, then she should do that!
For YEARS, I worked out in the evenings. I would go right from school or work to the gym and I rarely took off my make up. If I knew I was going to have a super sweaty workout (leg day or cardio days), I would use a make up wipe to take off my face make up, leaving my eye make up on. That’s just what worked for me. My skin was never bothered much by make up.
Now, I workout in the morning and I would say 75% of the time I wear zero make up but if I do, this is my go-to “look.” I have to put “look” in quotations because this is so minimalistic yet it helps me feel put together
TINTED MOISTURIZER: foundation and the gym can be a messy combination. Still, not all women are comfortable with a bare face. I actually wear tinted moisturizer instead of foundation most of the time (outside of the gym). I love that it gives some coverage but doesn’t feel heavy when you’re getting sweaty, which is why if I do wear face make up to the gym, it’s a tinted moisturizer.
If you do plan on wearing foundation to the gym, look for an oil-free option to help prevent the sweat from getting trapped underneath and clogging your pores. I’ve heard great things about this one.
POWDER BLUSH: powder > cream because it’s a heck of a lot less mess when you’re getting sweaty. Blush is amazing for a gym make up look because it bring nice color to your face. A little goes a long way for a gym look so start with a swipe or two on the apples of your cheeks. You wouldn’t think blush would make it to a minimal make up look list but I think it does wonders for coloring
FAV BLUSH: this ($3 – fav brand/colors)
HIGHLIGHTER: this is my personal trick. I swear by wearing highlighter to the gym because when I start getting sweaty, I swear that it looks like more of a sparkle/glow than just icky sweat. I do find that a powder highlighter is more sweat proof.
FAV HIGHLIGHTER: this (I’ve used this one for years)

MASCARA:  a few swipes of that mascara wand and my eyes look wide and alert. Mascara totally takes my look from “just got up and dragging my butt to the gym” to “I’m pumped to be here and ready to lift.” I don’t have trouble at all with mascara while working out but if yours runs, try a waterproof mascara. If I were to choose 1 product on this entire list for the gym, it would be mascara.
FAV DRUG STORE MASCARA: this (I’ve worn this since high school)
CLEAR EYEBROW GEL: 2nd favorite product on this list. I think tamed eyebrows pull my look together. I would stay away from colored brow products because that can really run during a workout!
FAV EYEBROW GEL:  this (best one I’ve ever tried & I’ve tried a lot)
LIP BALM: to complete the gym look, I’ll apply some lip balm. This isn’t anything fancy… I usually just grab whichever lip balm or chapstick I can find (because second to bobby pins, those just go missing in my house). For some reason, a little hydration and shine on the lips really pulls together this look. 
FAV TINTED LIP BALM: this (it never runs)
CONCEALER: I think a little concelear to cover a blemish isn’t a bad idea but I’ve noticed under eye concealer is the worst for me when I get sweaty. It gets so cakey and blotchy looking
EYELINER: messy messy messy. This certainly gives me raccoon eye in a matter of minutes so I stay away from eyeliner for a gym look.
LIP STAIN/LIPSTICK: I keep from using lip stick/stains on my lips while working out. Our upper lips actually perspire quite a bit during a gym session and it can lead to lipstick running quite a bit. However, the tinted lip balm I shared above stays completed put for me. Applying a little color right after the gym is a great way to transition into your day.

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