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I don’t know how this is actually happening but I knocked off everything on my to do list today and I still have a little energy leftover… so… Sunday blog post!

I get a lot of questions on social media, in messages and emails. Many I get back to but there are a lot I see over and over, so I thought it would be helpful (and a bit fun) to pull some of the top questions from the week and answer them in a blog post.

Q: where did you get that black and white gingham top and sunglasses from your Saturday posts?
A: Target! Where else does anyone shop?! haha in all seriousness, Target has become my go-to for clothing lately. I run in with a list of paper towels, toothpaste, and diapers. Then, I leave with none of that and instead 3 clothing items. I recently bought the one in this pic (I couldn’t find an online link but the brand is Who What Wear).

I also bought this adorable red gingham dress
and this sweatshirt dress which you’ve probably seen me wear 10x already because it’s that comfy

and my sunglasses are these (definitely a splurge, my husband is probably going to have a heart attack that I spent that much on sunglasses if he reads this but I literally wear them every day and have had them for 3 years)
Q: Wait, did you say you did 75 days of the 30×30 plan?
A: Yes. I’ve said a few times that I did a total of 75 days of the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan which threw a lot of people off because the plan itself is only 30 days.
When I create a product, I always test it cover to cover before I launch. When I did that, I personally saw such great results that I wanted to continue for my own personal reasons so I ended up picking 15 of my favorite workouts from the plan and did that for 45 days total.
Then, I launched the plan and followed it along with all of you: 45 days on my own + 30 with you = 75 days total of 30×30 workouts (if I’m doing my math correctly lol)
HERE I shared all about my progress
lauren gleisberg wearing black lululemon shorts and bra
Q: What do you think of Whole 30?
A: I think it’s awesome. Well, and sometimes not. Short answer: great for some people but only in the short term for me!
Long answer: I think Whole 30 is a really awesome approach for getting back to “real” foods as well as finding the foods that actually agree with your body.
What I actually love about my Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan is that it can be combined with Whole 30, Paleo style of eating, dairy free eating, gluten free eating, vegetarian eating. My guidelines are mostly about portions and food combinations.
I’ve actually done a bit of Whole 30 inspired eating in combination with my meal plan guidelines. I honestly have never done it for a full 30 days but here’s where I struggle to do this long term.
This is just me… I mentally am not good with “you can’t eat ___.” I can deal with this is a better option than that but the second I have actual food restrictions, I just get too in my head. For that reason the Whole 30 style of eating is something I could see myself doing short term (which most people do) as opposed to an entire paleo lifestyle.
Q: When is the new MOM gear launching?
A: If you haven’t heard, I’m launching a section on my website for MOMS! It will be prenatal fitness, postpartum fitness, nutrition/recipes for every phase, products we love, mom diaries and so much more.
To celebrate the launch, I am releasing mom gear like the sweatshirt you’ve seen me wearing a million times already!
If you’re a mama, please leave your email here so I can reach you about all this!
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Q: When are you doing your collagen post?
A: Ever since I shared that I take collagen, my inboxes have been flooded with questions on which one I take, more about collagen and what I’ve noticed from taking it. I am going to be posting that within the next 2 1/2 weeks!
Q: How did you do your patio? Where is all the furniture from?
A: Anthony and I were born and raised in Wisconsin. So many of my memories growing up were eating dinner on our backyard patio and playing in the yard. We live in Texas when we moved into our home, we knew we wanted to do something to make our backyard feel like an extension of our kitchen/family room.
We (well, not literally us as you know we are the least handy people ever despite how badly we try) extended our patio using concrete pavers and AstroTurf. I’ve always loved this look; my dream house would have a driveway that looked entirely like that.
The furniture is a mix of Wayfair (oh how I love that site – best customer service by the way!), Ballard Designs, World Market and Homegoods (another obvious one if you know me hehe).
We have used this patio so much as you know from my IG stories and I can’t wait for so many more memories out there!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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