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You know I am serious about my hydration game. I have an entire AM drink line up as well as a PM drink ritual. It’s a bit crazy (but so am I lol). In all seriousness, hydration is key to overall health. You’ll hear every guru say that but what does it equate to for the everyday gal and guy like us?! Personally, in upping my water intake, I noticed a decrease in the amount of headaches I get, my skin appears more vibrant and I definitely bloat way less often. Of course, it’s just great for overall health and cell functioning too!


I always have my water bottles and tumblers ready. I also seem to drink more when I have a straw?! I share these products often on social media, so I wanted to include links to my exact favorite ones here.

swell bottle (17 oz) here | swell bottle straw lid here

The swell bottles are my OGs. I’ve used them for 5+ years and I always go back to them because not only do they keep your liquids hot/cold for 24 hours but the design fits well in your hand (you know how most water bottles now are big and bulky?! this isn’t). I use this one most often for workouts because it’s compact yet holds a lot. The 17 oz is my most used size but I do have the larger 30 oz as well. And 99% of the time I use the straw lid!

yeti tumbler here | yeti handle here | extra long stainless straws here

Everyone seems to love Yetis and if it comes in pink, I’ll take it. They are awesome but I have to use them with a handle and straw. Sounds ridiculous but I hate holding the yeti when it’s freezing cold. I also use a straw for just about everything… I drink more with a straw and love these extra long stainless steel ones.

hydro flask here | hydro flask kids cup here 

tumbler lid here | straw lid here

Hydro Flask vs Swell – I use the swell for workouts but I prefer the hydro flask if I want more water OR if I want to add something into my water (cucumber, mint, lemon, etc). I love this kid option too and of course, the straw lid.
stainless steel extra long straws here | silicone straws here

My 2 absolute favorite straws: stainless steel and you know I cannot live without my pink silicone softy straws. They are the best. These longer ones are great for tumblers and you know I like the thicker ones for smoothies!



Never before have I drank so much water as when I got a hospital mug. This thing is pure magic. It’s basic AF but I drink drink drink more water when I fill this bad boy up. Mine is legitamately from the hospital but I found one on Amazon that is nearly identical.

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this is part of my drink line up and if you struggle with headaches or feeling sluggish in the mornings, this has helped me so much with that!

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