You’ve got to try these 5 meals… they’re my absolute favorites at the moment. As you know, I put together an Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan several years ago. It contains my 3 nutrition guidelines (guidelines on food portions, macro combination and optimal timing) AND there are 100s of recipes.

I continue to share recipes with my meal plan members and right here on my blog because you just have to keep meals new and fresh to prevent meal boredom.

BUT, to be perfectly honest… I find myself getting in a food rut and making the same meals over and over. I thought by sharing my 5 current favorite recipes, it may add a bit of a twist to your usual recipe round up. 

Whenvere you see this post, feel free to share your favorite meal ATM on Instagram and hashtag #LGMealPlan so everyone else in the community can peruse the hashtag for some new meal ideas.

Okay, let’s get right in. I’ll share my meals and exactly where in the meal plan you can find them in my cookbooks but if you need help with the “how to eat” to get fit, lose fat and see results through food, definitely check out THIS meal plan.



This is THE PERFECT spring/summer meal. It’s so light and refreshing yet filling. It cooks really well on the grill but it also tastes just as great when make in a pan on the stove. If you haven’t made this recipe yet, it’s a must!

Just a tip – I make the “topping” ahead (minus the avocado) when I marinade the chicken because I can cook and plate dinner in under 15 minutes which is so ideal for my busy dinner time. Why is it that dinner time gets so hectic?! 

RECIPE LOCATION: Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan – Spring 2018 Cookbook page 22


healthy california grilled chicken recipe




This recipe is such a craving-curber without the guilt. I called it “dip” because I guess technically that’s what it is but I seriously eat this for dinner. I enjoy it with a few tortilla chips and a whole lot of celery. If you’re into buffalo chicken, you will go crazy for this recipe. If you follow my IG stories, you know I’ve been making this on repeat. 



buffalo chicken dip




WAIT, before you scroll thinking “yuck, tuna.” Give this a try. I’m not a big tuna fat but to me, these barely taste like tuna… they’re so good! I can’t count how many of you LG girls have echoed those same thoughts.

This recipe is an oldie but a goodie. I first shared this recipe 4 years ago and I still make it at least 2x per month. They’re quick, easy and reheat well. My husband loves when I make them! My 12 month old eats these! They’re a huge hit here and definitely a recipe I recommend trying.

RECIPE LOCATION: Eat Your Way Lean Cookbook – page 24


tuna patty recipe




I guess this recipe isn’t in the meal plan but I’ve shared it A LOT and it’s meal plan approved. Actually now that I think about it…. I shared a “Sheet Pan Sausage & Veggie” Recipe. This one though is a bit different. I cook everything in a skillet. I triple (at least!) the recipe because it takes no time at all to cook and reheats really well. You can meal prep this FAST and it makes A LOT. Plus, it tastes delicious!

RECIPE: 1 all natural chicken sausage, 1 cup sliced bell peppers, 1/8 diced onion, 1 cup, 1 tbsp all natural ketchup. Cook and combine.


healthy dinner idea




I couldn’t finish this list without mentioning this one. In fact, I have to giggle because almost a decade ago when I started my health and fitness journey, I remember thinking, “okay I have to make smoothies because that’s healthy” (smoothies were always on the cover of health magazines – did anyone else read those mags?! I was obsessed!). This was the first smoothie recipe I ever made and it’s STILL my absolute favorite. 

My only tweak now is that I chop my bananas, freeze them and use that instead of ice. I typically have this smoothie for breakfast but lately, I’ve actually been enjoying it for M3 which is kind of like an afternoon snack for me. I add my Vital Proteins collagen to it for added health benefits. 

If you don’t know about collagen yet, I highly suggest you read THIS post. Basically, collagen play a key role in our overall health: hair skin and nails, gut health and a major supportive role in joints. Adding it into my smoothies is an easy way to consume it. If you like smoothies, this recipe is a MUST!

RECIPE LOCATION: Eat Your Way Lean Cookbook – page 16


^^LOL-ing because my smoothies definitely don’t look that pretty but I guess that’s the perk of working with a food stylist to help make the meal plan photos look yummy for y’all


^^this is the exact brand/product of collagen I add to the smoothies


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