#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Legs (W6D1)

Body weight glute exercises superset with traditional weighted movements make for one killer leg day and a fantastic start to the week! Happy final week of the Fit and Lean Challenge, babes! Let’s make this one count!


  • If you prefer to count reps, 30 sec = 12-15 reps, 45 sec = 15-18 reps
  • 60 second intervals are for 30 seconds each side on unilateral movements


  • Add 10 minutes of kettlebell swings to today’s workout ((30 sec swings, 30 sec rest))

Healthy Habit: Less = More! This past year, one of the better books I read was Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less by Greg McKeowen. The entire book is centered around a less is more theory. One of my favorite examples of this used in the book is our closet. How many of us know the feeling of looking into a jam packed closet and saying, “I have nothing to wear” <- story of my life! Yet, if we decluttered our closet, leaving just our very favorite items, we would open it to find a perfect outfit every time.

Applying that same approach to our health and fitness journey, when we set goals, there are literally countless ways of going about it. We want to decrease body fat…. we could come up with a list of 1000 ways to achieve that from the obvious “eat healthier” to the less obvious “park far away in a parking lot to walk more.” What the less is more principle really teaches us is that our focused energy gets us further. We could take 1000 steps in 1000 different directions or we could take 1000 steps in just one direction. Which would get us further? That’s obvious, right?!
When you just begin or when you don’t know where to start, simply focus on ONE thing. Very quickly, that one thing will become a habit and effortless. Then, you can add on more and more. For this final week of the challenge, I want to encourage you to give 110% to one thing. I notice the greatest difference when that 1 thing is nutrition, so meal prepping, organizing my pantry/fridge, putting my meals into containers each night are all daily efforts I can make with one focus to thrust me forward!
Habit Homework – Where can you focus your energy to make one giant leap today?

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