#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Biceps + Triceps (W4D2)

Today is definitely one of those “my arms are too sore to do my hair after” type of arm workout! I hope you’ll take me up on these two switch ups to really accelerate your fit + lean results!


  • Switch Up #1 = weight increase! Whatever you’re currently using for weight, try the slightly heavier dumbbells today! YOU CAN DO IT!
  • If you have a barbell try out the close and wide grip on there!
  • If you prefer to count reps, 30 sec -> 15 reps


  • Switch Up #2 Today = JUMP ROPE! If you’ve ever wanted to feel those arms ((and calves!)) burnout after a bicep + tricep workout,
  • 10 mins: 30 sec on, 30 sec off
  • If you don’t have a jump rope or can’t indoors, go through the motions ((it’s just as challenging))

Healthy Habit: SAME TIME, SAME PLACE! When you are measuring your progress whether it be through photos or the scale, do so at the same time and in the same place. Progress pictures are, in my opinion, the best measure of displaying progress. With weight training comes changes in body composition, which something like the scale cannot accurately reveal. When you take your progress pictures, lighting and the time of the day can highly affect how the shots turn out, so just be sure you’re keeping it consistent by taking your photos in the same place at the same time of day.
The scale isn’t my favorite way to suggest assessing progress, but we all seem to jump on a scale from time to time. If you’re in that lucky percentage of women who gets on the scale and jumps off with a smile, just keep doing you! If you’re feeling frustrated with the day-to-day ups and downs, this is something you may want to consider…. is it first thing in the morning or in the middle of the day? Are you weighing in at the same time of the day and under the same conditions? For instance, did you just use the bathroom? Are you on an empty stomach or did you just slug a smoothie? Are you draped in a sweater or are you in a bra and underwear? The more you can keep your conditions the exact same, the more accurate your reading will be. Also, in general, if you like the scale, try measuring just once or twice week. Daily ups and downs can be highly influenced by water and that’s nothing to sweat!
Habit Homework – try another type of progress check…. confidence level, mindset, health of relationships, love of life. How are you progressing in those areas?
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