#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Arm Circuit (W3D1)

We are kicking off week 3 with a BANG thanks to the gun show that’s about to go down! Your lady guns are going to be looking fierce after this workout. Get ready to work those arm muscles while revving up your heart rate for a workout that will leave you feeling and looking amazing…. the perfect start to your Monday!

I rarely repeat a workout twice but I’m so obsessed with this workout I think I may do just that!


  • Complete each circuit a total of 4 rounds before moving onto the next circuit
  • Rest 1 minute in between rounds
  • 60 sec for lying cross body extensions is to complete 30 sec on each side
  • If you prefer to count reps, 30 sec -> 15 reps

Healthy Habit: The Mental Meal Prep = BOMB.COM <- just wanted to continue the explosiveness after our lady guns show hehe. Okay, so, the mental meal prep… what is it?? In short, it’s a meal prep that solely exists in your head. It sound half ass and let’s be real, it kind of is. ((Side note… lately I’ve been enjoying writing late at night, but I notice I get a lotta bit sassy and use not so sweet language when I do. I’m sorry about that lol :))

Back to the mental meal prep… life just seems to get busier and busier, so I’m always working to come up with tips and tricks for our fitness and nutrition game to keep up with our schedules. The mental prep is for exactly that. It’s for those times when meal prepping doesn’t happen… for the Sundays you planned out your meals and grocery shopped for them, but then felt too tired to actually prep them ((I’m raising my hand to that))
The mental meal prep is a way to prepare your meals ahead of time without every physically prepping them. The plan is in your head! For instance, let’s say its Sunday night or Monday morning and we have zero meals prepared. Our best selves can use this mental meal prep to commit to staying on track all day long. Create the game plan in your head. Say to yourself, for meal #1, I’m going to make a smoothie. At my lunch break, I’ll run to Whole Foods and use the salad bar to fulfill all the Eat Your Way Lean food plate sections to complete meal #2. I’ll also buy a few hard boiled eggs to use for Meal #3 and I remember I have some nuts and and apple in my desk that I can use for that as well. By the time I’ll eat Meal #4, I’ll be home and can prep the food I bought yesterday. Then, execute!
And there ya have it… your mental meal prep is complete! It may have only taken a total of 2 minutes and it may have felt a little plan b compared to the real deal meal prep, but it’s still effective. In fact, once I come up with my mental meal prep, I’ll jot it down on paper to make it come to life even more. It’s the blueprint for a day of healthy eating and for busy bees like us, it’s the second best meal prep you’ll ever complete! I hope you love it!
Habit Homework – If you didn’t get as far along with your meal prep as you hoped, try out the mental meal prep today!

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