#LGBeautyAndBooty Challenge: Upper Body Strength (W6D5)

It’s taking all I have not to get emotional when I say this….happy last workout of the Beauty and Booty Challenge. This quick, yet effective workout is the perfect wrap up for the challenge and the week! If you still need to get in a 20 minute cardio session for the Fit Commit Week, today is a great day for that because of the shorter length of this upper body workout!
I mean it when I say… I am extremely proud of each and every one of you who completed this challenge or even just parts of it. I hope it has proven to you weight lifting has some of the best physical effects and even greater results on the inside! As a community, I’ve seen you grow even closer during this challenge…I just think it’s so amazing to know that you’re not alone on this journey and I want to thank you for sharing your life with each other and supporting one another ((and the emotions are spewing lol)) I love you girls with all my heart and I’m so excited to share what I’ve got next for you…check back in Sunday!

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Q&A Friday: The answer to your top question of the week ­čÖé

Q: “I’m so sad the Beauty and Booty Challenge is over. What do you suggest I do next??”
A: On Sunday, check back in here for your brand new fall fitness plan! Some of you have been asking when it will start, and it will be right away next week, so you can hang onto all your progress and make even more. With this new plan, I wanted to create something a little more tailored to YOU: the equipment you have to workout with and flexibility in the exercises you prefer. Additionally, it’s so important that fitness routines be switched up often. With that said, you’re going to look at the schedule and think I’m crazy. And I am! I’m crazy serious about brining you the very best workouts….this fall plan is intended to get you fit and feeling fabulous with an emphasis on the booty and abs. Overall, we’ll be weight training and kicking it up a notch to shed overall body fat in order to reveal the results we’ve been working hard at. You can expect: 1) lots more booty workouts 2) super special ab stuff 3) lots of sweating to lean out and 4) so many no recipes to help you see results through food too! You’ll never be bored with this plan! I can’t wait for you to see it ­čÖé

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  1. Fiona @ Get Fit Fiona

    I'll be giving this workout a try on Monday when I'm at the gym at school.

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