Happy 2019! 4 Easy Things To Do this First Week….

It’s 2019… we all want that healthy, happy start… so what do we do?! Here are 5 easy things we can begin to implement this week for how to start a healthy new year. AND, here is exactly how I will help you progress through a year that I am certain will be your best yet. Cheers to health in every sense of the word, to falling more in love with your life and who you are, to looking in the mirror and seeing a strong, fit and wonderful woman, to taking risks, to making big moves, to a wonderful year.



Let’s begin… this first week, I don’t want you to go from 0 to 100. Instead, let’s do a few things and then on January 6th, we will take our first jump. More on that below.



Why, right?! I want you to begin your day with a few minutes for yourself. If you’re anything like me, right now your setting that alarm for the very last minute to squeeze in as much sleep as possible. Then it’s off to the races. You rush from getting ready to this to that to begin your day. 

Use those 15 minutes to ease into your morning… read a short passage, pray, meditate, make your coffee, do whatever you want to do to set the tone for a more peaceful day. This seems silly but I can’t tell you the impact this has on my day-to-day mood when I stick with it!



If you’re a goal setter and have a list a mile long of goals for the new year, stick with it and pass this point up. However, if you’re someone who isn’t into new year’s resolutions or goals, then this is for you. I want you to set 3 goals for just the month of January. These goals will be in 3 different categories: 1 goal for fitness, 1 goal for food and 1 personal goal.

Here are my 3 Short Term Goals for January

  • FITNESS: lift weights 4 days per week
  • FOOD:  grocery shop on Sunday so I can cook a fresh, healthy dinner every evening
  • PERSONAL: unplug more (no work after 5pm, no calls/texts/message after 8pm)

Short term goals are way more effective because we find them easier to both set and achieve. This will set the stage for our January 6th step up and the new program.



This week, we need to clean our our refrigerator and pantry. We collect so much junk over the course of a year. It’s time to clean out what is expired, what is just taking up space and what really shouldn’t be in there.

Bonus points if you actually clean those refrigerator shelves and drawers. Also, if you’d like to download my FREE PANTRY ORGANIZATION STICKERS it makes it way more fun!

The goal here is to get rid of stuff we shouldn’t eat but more importantly to make space for the good food we will be focusing on in the coming weeks.



You up for it? So, I took a poll on my Instagram asking if anyone wanted me to walk them through Intermittent Fasting. Two thirds of you said YES while the other third said they weren’t interested. The solution?! I’ll provide plans for both. 

Intermittent Fasting (or IF). First things first, I wrote a mini guide on it. If you want to learn the entire (and simplified!) approach with modifications I make as a women, download it by joining the meal plan here.

But first… we are going to work up to it. Today, I want you to take note of when you typically begin eating and end eating each day. It doesn’t have to be exact… just an estimate. For example: 730 AM – normally eat breakfast and 9 PM – normally when I have a late evening snack. Jot it down.

TO DO:I want you to cut out 1 hour this week. I suggest splitting it between your start and stop times. Instead of having your first meal at 7:30 AM, enjoy breakfast at 8 AM. And, instead of an evening snack at 9 PM, have it at 8:30 PM. You could also choose to push back breakfast by an hour or up your snack by an hour… whatever you decide.

Bottom line for those who want to try out Intermittent Fasting, let’s transition this week by shaving off an hour. Don’t change what you eat. Just change that start and stop time.




JANUARY 6TH – in less than 1 week, we will begin the 30×30 Countdown Week. This means that we celebrate the launch of the BRAND NEW 30×30 3.0 program with a preview-style workout from the plan. I’ll post that free workout to my blog every day. Check back here (LaurenGleisberg.com) every AM for that workout! Plus, I’ll be including some meal plan help & intermittent fasting info too!


JANUARY 13TH – 30×30 3.0 and the new Food Challenge kick off! Be sure you save the date because you’ll have in your hand the plan I promise will help you hit all those January goals you set. This is my best plan for shedding fat, sculpting more muscle definition and feeling amazing!



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