How Much Collagen Should I Take & When to Expect Results

Supplements are one of the hottest topics here at LG. I love supplements, and by now you know that I only share ones I feel are truly impactful and only brands that have as high of quality standards as I do. It’s no surprise to my regular readers that I use collagen products daily, and 2 great follow up questions are:

“How much collagen should I take?”


“When should I expect to see results?”


Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein. In fact, collagen is the second most abundant substance in our bodies after water. Collagen is found just about everywhere: connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones. It’s primary function is strengthen, structure and elasticity.
Here’s the problem… as we age, our bodies do not naturally produce as much collagen; this actually happens around age 25. This can lead to physical signs of aging as well slower workout recovery. The first “aging” I ever noticed was in my joints, which is how I started using collagen supplements years ago. I’ve been using Vital Proteins collagen since 2015 because 1) the brand’s quality is unmatched and 2) the variety of product offerings easily fit into my daily routine (ie: mix it into the smoothie I already make for breakfast or my coffee.) The 2 most used collagen products I take are this and this.


Vital Proteins offers a free calculator suggesting how much collagen you need based on a few key factors, such as your goals, age, weight, etc. The calculator is right on their homepage (here) if you’d like to try it out. It took me all of 20 seconds, and my results came out at 20-40 grams of collagen per day. That’s interesting to me because when I began noticing greater effects when I began consistently taking 2 servings per day of collagen.


Speaking of results, I believe it’s incredibly important that brands and people share realistic expectations of supplements. Supplements are intended to support (aka supplement) a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always loved Vital Proteins because they create products that support the big picture: overall wellness, physical activity, immune support, sleep, etc.
Results I’ve noticed from consistently taking collagen:

  • Joint Health: probably my most noticeable result is improved joint pain. I began my collagen journey years ago because of achy knees and ankles, which I no longer have.
  • Athletic Performance: most of us just think about building muscle during out workouts and forget to think about the tendons and ligaments that support them, so I take collage to support the collagen-rich supportive areas as well that build the bigger picture of health, fitness and wellness.
  • Hydration: seems like a silly one, but I make it my goal to have 2 servings of collagen daily; I personally love the Beauty Collagen as an afternoon drink, which furthers my hydration goals. Plus, collagen.
  • Strong Nails: I would have never noticed this if not for quarantine… I went months without a manicure and my nail strength was impressive
  • Hair + Skin: this is where I believe in realistic expectations and I wouldn’t believe



Personally, I find consistent use is the most impactful piece of the puzzle. I started noticing the improvements described above in about 4-6 weeks. For me, it takes 2 servings per day to really feel the benefits. Many of you shared with me that you noticed the results most when you stopped taking collagen, which prompted you to continue the use. Health isn’t dramatic… we don’t drop 20 pounds in a week or treat problems with 1 dose of medicine.


Collagen is a staple supplement for me because I am a strong believer it the big picture of health, fitness and wellness. I take supplements to support my already active, healthy lifestyle. I’ve noticed great improvements with collagen, and just like with all supplements, I recommend finding not only quality products but also a trusted brand, which is why I am a huge Vital Proteins fan: as you’ve known for years.

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