30 DAY MEAL PLAN PREVIEW: full day of eating

Here is a preview of the 30 day meal by meal plan that I put together. I’m sharing a full day of eating… basically what I eat from when I wake up to when I go to sleep.

5 meals for a full day of healthy eating
To answer a question I’m seeing a lot… the 30 Day Meal Plan is what I call a Meal Plan installment. Once you join the Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan, you become a “member” which means that all future meal plans I create you’ll receive for free! Like this one! To gain access to the 30 Day Meal Plan, you can join the full plan!
This type of post (full day of eating) is one of my most requested! It is so funny to me because I personally love reading other people’s meal diary. It seems silly that we would find interest in reading what another person ate in a day but it somehow it gives me inspiration and ideas.
I’m always like “oh, I never thought to use that veggie with this meal” or “that is a really quick breakfast idea.”
Anyway, I hope that’s what this post does for you and it will give you a look into the 30 Day Meal Plan in case you have interest in following a guide in which I lay out every meal for you for 30 full days of enjoyable, healthy eating.
Quick note… in my day to day eating, I focus on enjoyability because if I don’t enjoy the meal, I’m don’t feel full because I’m not satisfied. You know?! My meal plan includes healthier versions of burgers, lasagna, muffins, cookies and treat meals; if you’re in this for the long-haul, I highly recommend that!



NOTE: full recipes mentioned below can be found in the meal plan
My first meal of the day is breakfast and I typically go for quick options. On the weekend, I may take a bit more time to cook but most days it’s about blend and go or reheat and go.
Of all the smoothie recipes I share, this is the one I make the most (as you’ve probably seen on social media) – protein, banana, peanut butter, oats, unsweetened almond milk and ice.
peanut butter banana healthy smoothie in a glass
After breakfast, I eat an earlier lunch. As you know, I stick to 5 meals per day. Some are more snack like food but I try to call them meals because I focus on eating based on macronutrients to feel full and promote a fit, lean and healthy body!
This lunch is one my husband and I LOVE – its super kid friendly too. It simple to prep. You can make a big batch and it reheats really well. They’re spicy chicken poppers! And I added a side of sugar snap peas and hummus for dipping. I love the crunch of sugar snap peas.
chicken poppers on a blue serving tray
My 3rd meal of the day is again what feels like a snack but it’s just normally a lighter meal. Typically it’s pretty easy too.
Today, I ate Avocado Egg Salad ( basically avocado and hard boiled eggs) that I spread onto a tortilla to make a wrap. It’s a good option to take with you if you need to eat at your desk or on the go.
avocado egg salad on a tortilla
My 4th meal of the day is dinner. Typically, I like to make dinner fresh and then I eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. Sometimes, this meal makes more than just 1 left over so then I can have it throughout the week too.
Today’s dinner was Taco Lasagna. This meal is so simple and easy… maybe just 15 minutes of hands on prep and then bake before enjoying. I have yet to meet a person who doensn’t love this recipe. Plus, you can really make a big batch.
healthy casserole dish on marble island
Again, I really don’t do “snacks” so this is just a lighter meal I would say. This is the meal where i make carb adjustments because they’re just not as necessary before bed.
Tonight on the menu is my Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers. They are de-licious!
stuffed peppers on a blue plate
There you have it – my full day of healthy eating. All those meals use simple ingredients. They don’t take me hours to make. I can reheat them. And, I actually like the taste!
You can find 29 more days of eating like this in the new 30 Day Meal Plan.
If you have any additional questions on the plan or in general – shoot me an email contact@laurengleisberg.com
Bon appetit, babes!
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