FRIDAY FIVE – gummy bears, decor, wake up times + more

Today’s Friday Five contains 5 random things I’m really into this week. Some weeks, I have a cool twist like 5 favorite food brands/places or my 5 favorite Amazon purchases of the month. This week is a good old fashioned Friday Five…. weekly obsessions

After your workout, as you stretch, while you sip your morning coffee, wherever you may be…I hope you enjoy this quick read and maybe it will even help you look for 5 things in your life that really made you enjoy the week!

The amount I enjoy decorating and redecorating my front porch is ridiculous. The funny thing is… there’s nothing to it other than: 1) a wreath 2) planters + flowers and 3) a door mat. Still, I just love that every season (or 2x per season), I can make small adjustments that just put a smile on my face each time I come home.
I recently shared on IG stories that I wanted a new, green wreath… something other than a boxwood or magnolia (I LOVE those 2 options but I feel like I’ve done them too often).
THIS is the wreath I went with. It’s supposed to arrive today! So excited. THESE are the planters on my front porch but I also love THESE that I have in my backyard. I just redid my flowers in my planters after killing my original summer ones lol.
All of this is fun but I really can’t wait until Christmas throws up all over my front porch!
Last week’s Friday Five featured the organic licorice I’m enjoying lately but this week, I’ve been more about these gummy bears lol.
I was first introduced to the YumEarth brand with these suckers. If you’ve never had them, they’re amazing. We almost always have them in the house.
I have a sweet tooth that kicks in mid-afternoon and it’s totally curbed by a tiny sweet treat, so that’s why I started on the licorice and now these gummy bears. I won’t lie.. I ordered the 50 pack after eating through the smaller one this week lol.
Another great tip is anything in a single serving like the gummy bears which is why I actually prefer them to the licorice… it’s like “this is what you’ve got…. enjoy.”
I shared this quote the other day (+my little commentary) and I had so so many replies on it. Because I kept getting DM after DM of people saying “oh my gosh this is so me too” I kept thinking about it.
revenge quote
FIRST THOUGHT: the quote itself is so good. The less mature Lauren was all about a little revenge… probably a passive aggressive comment or don’t even get me started on the way my friends and I used to use our Facebook statuses for revenge circa 2008 haha. These days, I have such a “forget it and move on” mentality… not because things don’t irritate me but because I just rather be happy and feel peace in my heart, which brings me to my next point.
CUT OUT PEOPLE: as I grow as a person, I see the value and importance in cutting people out of your life. This sounds harsh and mean but it’s totally not. I’m not suggesting you tell someone to F off and ignore their calls and texts for the rest of your life. You can remain pleasant with people yet cut them off emotionally and restrict your time with them. To flip it around… I prefer to focus on making time for quality individuals and really being grateful for good people in my life.
I’ve had quite a few lunch meetings this week. I’ve gotten good at finding healthy options at restaurants so I certainly don’t stress it but omelets are a recent favorite of mine.
For some reason, the places I’ve gone to this week serve late or all day breakfasts and I think it’s a delicious, satisfying healthy lunch option. Why?!
They’re full of protein. You can pack veggies into omelets. And I love that it actually ends up as a beautiful omelet because when I try at home… I get an egg scramble as a result lol.
As for my favorite sides… I like fresh fruit and a piece of toast or an english muffin; I’ll ask for no butter and instead I’ll top it with peanut butter OR if I’m feeling fancy, I ask for a slice or two of avocado and make avocado toast!
Just wanted to pass this along in case you’re out and about and wanting to switch up your healthy restaurant order. 
This week, I set my alarm for 15 min earlier than it normally goes off. I know that each woman reading this is in a different position – career woman, student, stay at home mom, work at home mom, etc. BUT, I feel like this is a universal tip because no matter how we spend our days, I’m sure we would all love a more peaceful morning.
The past month, my mornings have felt rushed. I don’t exactly know why – I’m not trying to accomplish more in the AM but I just have a constant feeling of “I’m behind, hurry up.”
So, I turned my alarm back 15 minutes. When I saw 5:45 AM instead of 6 AM, it looked miserable. BUT… 15 minutes really doesn’t make your sleep feel any different yet it makes a big impact in my morning.
I can ease into the morning grind and I swear the extra peace leads to a more productive day believe it or not! Try it out if you’re feeling rushed each AM like I was.
In addition to the Friday Five, I thought I would also use this post to feature the most commonly asked question of the week. I always strive to share really practical tips with you guys and I feel that questions you ask me/my responses are actually some of the more useful tidbits. So, here it is…
Q: do you suggest working out fasted or after a meal?
A: great question! I think this is coming up often lately because of my Intermittent Fasting Mini Guide. BUT, even if you’re not following IF, you may be thinking “should I eat before my AM workout or is it more effective to be fasted?” Short answer – either are best.
Let me first say – when it comes to health, nutritition, fitness… there is nothing but conflicting research. Some studies show fasted workouts burn more fat. Other studies show workouts after a meal burn a greater amount of total calories and while the fat percentage may be less the total fat number is higher as compared to a fasted workout.
Bottom line… I don’t think either is better. For most women, it’s more a matter of “can I get in a quality workout today or not.” Staying consistent with your workouts is more effective than worrying about if you should do it fasted or not.
I workout both ways. I always have. If I workout in the AM, I usually don’t eat prior. If I workout later in the day, I’ve obviously had food. I find both very effective and have seen great results both ways.
Bottom line… get your workout in when it works best for your schedule because getting it done is the most effective!

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