Welcome to the Friday Five and one of my favorite topics of discussion… Amazon purchases haha. It is also a nice change from our usual Intermittent Fasting convos we’ve been having all week. Okay, so my July Amazon purchases. I love sharing these items because usually they’re reasonably prices, really useful things and very often my purchases are healthy living related. Let’s get to it so they can be delivered before Monday ;):)

pink softy straws for smoothies
I’ve shared these straws for the past year now and I’m still just as obsessed. They’re reusable silicone straws that work great for any liquid beverage AND smoothies. THESE are the wider smoothie straws. And, THESE are the regular width straws but they also make THESE which are slightly longer (good for a tumbler/yeti). Okay, I love these straws so much and have the usual colors but just this month ordered the PINK color and my liquid game couldn’t be cuter lol.
THESE – wider, smoothie straws
THESE – normal drinking straws
THESE – normal drinking straws, longer length (good for tumbler/yeti)

Wtf?! Wtf is right but it’s so delicious lol. I get a sweet tooth craving mid day and it’s seriously curbed by just 1 little cookie or a few pieces of candy. I’m all about moderation but if I can find an even healthier option, I am all about it. I ordered these in strawberry and they are surprisingly good! I ordered the 6 pack and I’ll be set with organic licorice for quite some time; although, I do want to try the other flavors lol. If you’re a sweet person, these are worth a try!

This one isn’t exactly a new purchase rather a repurchase. I’ve used these wool dryer balls for about a year now. They’re supposed to increase the air flow as items move through the dryer, which then decreases dry time. I mostly notice this when it comes to drying towels and linens.
I wanted to share this repurchase (I only had to re-buy because somehow we lost 3 dryer balls over the past year – how does that even happen lol) because I recently started adding a drop or two of essential oil to the dryer balls. It gives the most natural, subtle scent and it’s ahhhmazing. Dryer sheets can cause irritation and leave chemical-residue inside the dryer. I add lavender oil and it makes my favorite bed sheets and all my even more dreamy!

I’ve been looking for a good sunscreen that won’t make my face break out. It been 100 and humid here in Houston, TX and I kid you not I cannot go to the mailbox without coming back with a tan line. I grew up in Wisconsin so the intensity of this southern sun in the summer still takes me by surprise. I have been getting in the habit of applying sunscreen under my make up every day. I follow a lot of bloggers and they were all recommending this product this summer; I hopped on the bandwagon and I really like it.

I had to share just 1 child item. This one was my favorite of the month. It’s a silicone placemat with a built in plate/bowl. I like it because it also comes with this little case so can throw it into Leo’s diaper bag and take it to restaurants with us. My husband (go figure) is a complete germaphob and whenever Leo’s eating off the table at a restaurant, he’s like, “really, Lauren?!” haha so this is basically a gift for Anthony too. Oh and it sticks pretty well to the table so it stays in place while they eat.

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