Week 3 and things are lighting up! Let’s talk strategy and pace modes (full post on pace modes HERE) In short, the pace mode strategy is about knowing when to intensify, lighten up or keep your workouts in their standard pace (ex: do I workout more before a vacation? should I workout less the week of a holiday or more because I am having more treats). The overall goal is to help you see the best results while enjoying all that life has to offer.

The strategy this week is to switch to a standard pace… whatever that is for you. For me, that’s working out 5 days per week. Have a treat or two but nothing excessive or too strict. A standard pace mode (or even intense if you’d prefer) is great when you anticipate upcoming holiday parties and vacations. You see what I mean? Here’s to a great week!

What is a schedule overview?
This schedule overview is the week at a glance. It will show you what muscle groups we are working each day. Feel free to write these items in your planner, so you can mentally prepare for each workout ahead of time. 

When and where will I find the workout of the day?
Your Fitmas Challenge workouts will be posted right here every morning (actually, they will be posted really late the night prior) to accommodate those workout out early in the day. Simply swing by here every AM for your workout.
For the Premium Challenge Pack girls, you have access to ALL the challenge workouts ahead of time so feel free to use your guide.



lauren gleisberg legs + glutes workout


lauren gleisberg chest + shoulder workouts


lauren gleisberg modified burpee


lauren gleisberg sumo deadlift


lauren gleisberg bicep + tricep workout


30 mins LISS OR “catch up” workout (OPTIONAL)


Workout of the Day: REST


Meal Plan Members, you should have already received your Meal Menu for this week. 5 recipes per week = my goal is to cook 1 of these new and delicious recipes each day.
You can join the meal plan today and instantly receive access to your Week 3 Meal Menu!


  • Cauliflower Ziti Bake
  • Cheeseburger Casserole
  • Slow Cooker Meal Prep Chicken
  • Veggie Loaded Mac n Cheese
  • Protein Coated Cinnamon Rolls


At any time, you can upgrade to the Challenge Premium Pack or Bundle and instantly receive the exclusives including the early access link to your weekly workouts and the meal menus
lauren gleisberg fitmas challenge




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Holiday Meal Menus included 

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