Fitmas Challenge: Shoulder Circuit (W2D4)

Oh the power of a circuit… shoulders or deltoids are a relatively small muscle. I find that it doesn’t take much to cause muscle fatigue.

When I workout, I have 2 goals:

1) enjoy the workout/feel good

2) workout to see results

The first goal is probably the main reason why I find myself working out regularly. But, the second one is because I’m a type A, goal-getter type of chick. When I do something, I like it to have a purpose and I find satisfaction in checking off tasks and achieving a goal.

When it comes to fitness, I like for my workouts to make sense. If my goal is to achieve and maintain a fit body, I want my workouts to act as stepping stones to get me there. I feel like that’s obvious but it’s so funny to me that it’s not how everyone creates programs.

Okay back to my point about today’s shoulder workout… I find it doesn’t take much to create muscle breakdown in the shoulders. I don’t need to press 100lbs. I really enjoy weighted movements and increased time under tension, which is achieved through a circuit like this one!


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lauren gleisberg doing a shoulder workout for women


lauren Gleisberg wearing a mesh sports bra and Lululemon shorts

Workouts – check! Healthy eating – check! Supplements – do you need them?

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