Fitmas Challenge: Glutes + Cardio Circuit (W3D1)

I am a day ahead of you on workouts just so that I can record quick video clip previews to demonstrate form and whatnot. HERE is the clip I recorded for today’s workout which was another one that looks “not so bad” but 3 rounds in with little rest, that’s not what I was thinking haha.

I also want to touch on quality > quantity with workouts. This workout didn’t take me very long to complete. But, it was nonstop. I worked my butt off for those 30-some minutes. 
I realized that for the past month or so, my workouts all have been 30-ish minutes. It’s a lot easier to motivate myself to workout when I think: “it’s going to be a quick workout.”
I then feel like I can give it my all because “it’s only 30 minutes.” The result is that my workouts have increased in quality. I share this because if you don’t have that long to workout or want to just try a short, intense approach for a little bit, don’t think you’re cutting corners. I’ve been seeing better results lately than with my longer workouts!

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