Fall Challenge: Week 1 Workout Schedule

Welcome to the official start of the Fall Challenge and your Week 1 Workout Schedule. Over the next 5 weeks, we will get fitter, stronger and leaner with our daily weight training workouts. We will enjoy delicious, fall meals. We will support one another and enjoy life as an LG Sister is this amazing community. I can’t wait for you to see just how far you can come in 5 weeks. And it all starts right now… 

What is a schedule overview?
This schedule overview is the week at a glance. It will show you what muscle groups we are working each day as well as any Glute Guide workouts you may want to add in. Feel free to write these items in your planner, so you can mentally prepare for each workout ahead of time. 

When and where will I find the workout of the day?
Your Fall Challenge workout will be posted right here every morning (actually, they will be posted really late the night prior) to accommodate those workout out early in the day. Simply swing by here every AM for your workout.
For the Premium Challenge Pack girls, you have access to ALL the challenge workouts ahead of time so feel free to use your guide.


The workout of the day will be a weighted or cardio workout. It is found daily on LaurenGleisberg.com OR in your Premium Challenge Pack.
These workouts are part of the premium challenge pack’s Glute Guide. It’s an additional glute add on workout to do before or after the daily workout.


lauren gleisberg barbell hip thrust


lauren gleisberg kettlebell swing


lauren gleisberg dumbbell chest press

lauren gleisberg glute bridge


lauren gleisberg high knees cardio workout
lauren gleisberg plyometrics jump squat



30 mins LISS + “catch up” on Glute Guide workouts if needed


Workout of the Day: REST


Meal Plan Members, you should have already received your Meal Menu for this week. 5 recipes per week = my goal is to cook 1 of these new and delicious recipes each day.
You can join the meal plan today and instantly receive access to your Week 1 Meal Menu!
healthy fall mean menu recipe


At any time, you can upgrade to the Challenge Premium Pack or Bundle and instantly receive the exclusives including the early access link to your weekly workouts and the meal menus
fall challenge premium challenge pack




Premium Challenge Pack + Meal Plan Bundle [SAVE 15%]

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