ConfidenceKini- Total Body Workout + Friday Five (W4D5)

Lauren Gleisberg and total body workouts aren’t usually found in the same sentence. If you’ve been working out with me for awhile, you know that I find total body workouts a bit ineffective for my goals. Here’s the short of it… my goals are to sculpt a fit yet lean body. A myth in fitness is that women can get bulky, but the reality is that it’s very difficult for woman to build muscle (as compared to men for example) because of the differences in hormones. Women have to WORK to get that fit, defined body. What it takes to achieve that is resistance training that breaks down muscle fibers; those muscles then grow back bigger and stronger =results. Buttt, muscle breakdown doesn’t just happen. We have to target specific muscle groups and hit those muscles set after set. Total body workouts, in my opinion, don’t do the best job at targeting one specific muscle, which is why you don’t see me doing these workouts often and instead I opt for workouts that hit 1-2 muscle groups. Still, I love a switch up so a total body workout every now and then is great for burning calories and getting in a muscle pump.

Also, it’s FRIDAY, which around here means it’s time for the Friday Five aka a list of 5 super random things I’m into this week. It’s just a quick, fun read so after today’s workout take some time to stretch and enjoy the Friday Five.
How odd does that sound?! First off, you may need a little background from THIS blog post I did on my 5 Favorite Personal Development Books and THIS blog post I did on my 16 Minute Morning Routine .
I linked the Favorite Book blog post because in that I share the book I am currently reading by Aubrey Marcus, which is partially where I got this idea from.
I also linked the AM Routine blog post because in that one I share about why I drink this firs thing in the morning. It’s all about alkalizing and if you aren’t drinking something alkalizing first thing in the AM, I definitely suggest you start… it’s energizing, balancing and gets the body going and functioning optimally.
Anyway, I always have my alkaline drink that I mentioned but Aubrey suggested adding sea salt to ingest minerals. I use┬áPink Himalayan Sea Salt – just be sure to mix the water and drink it or when all the sea salt falls to the bottom and then it hurts to drink haha. I also add a bit of liquid
I said the Friday Five was random, right?! ha. I have a bazillion bobby pins because they solve just about every hair problem I have. Missed a hair in my pony tail?! bobby pin it up! Got an annoying strand that keeps falling in my face? pobby pin it back. You know where I’m coming from and if you love bobby pins too, you’ve got to look into this.
Recently, I found┬áTHESE mini bobby pins when I was at the grocery store of all places. They’re so much more practical than the normal length ones… the end never sticks out and I don’t feel a poke in my head all day long.
If you are not a meal plan member yet, I would join just for this recipe lol. Each week of the challenge, I share Weekly Meal Menus – they’re 5 recipes that are like mini cookbooks. This recipe is from the Week 1 Meal Menu if you want to refer back.
Do you ever make a meal once, enjoy it so you make it again. The next time, you enjoy it a little bit more. You make it again, love it even more and quickly, it becomes a staple meal for you?! That’s how this one has been in our home.
I think it’s become a regular because it’s just one of those quick, simple meals… marinade, grill, add a few things and eat. It’s definitely grill season here in Texas so I’m going to get creative with what else we can make on there.
PS – I’ve never actually used our grill… my husband always cooks on it but now my goal is to learn. I know it’s not all that complicated so I don’t know what is holding me back?!
If you’ve followed my sunglasses saga, you know I gave up my love of pricey sunglasses and started buying super cute ones on Amazon.
If you’re interested, I’ll catch you up to speed…
THIS is my all time favorite splurge pair of sunglasses (I scooped them up when they were on sale)
Next up, my Amazon favorites include THESE classic black ones and THIS fun heart pair (for $10)
Recently, I bought THESE at Nordstroms. I feel like they’re the quality of my splurge sunglasses but less than $100 so they’re a good in the middle option.
You guys, I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this, but Anthony and I have been watching the Jersey Shore Family Vacation series. We totally watched all of the time in college and are hooked again. BUT, it feels a little bit more embarrassing when you’re watching while your kid is sleeping upstairs haha. Like, am I too old for this?
I read that the season premiere had like 10 MILLION viewers so perhaps you were one too. Not sure if you’re into junk TV but if you want a good laugh, hit record!

SHOES: what shoes do you have on today? Sneakers for a sweaty workout?? Heels for a night out?! Share it with us. Hashtag #LGTeamKini and #LGAccountability tag me @laurengleisberg so I can be sure to see it too!

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