ConfidenceKini Challenge: Shoulders + Chest (W4D2)

Today’s To-Do List:

[ ] Weighted Workout: Shoulders + Chest

[ ] Feel Good 5K Run Plan: HIIT

[ ] Photo Challenge

[ ] Community Check In

Shoulders + Chest

  • If you don’t have a barbell, feel free to use a dumbbell


Feel Good 5K Run Plan

HIIT: 10 minutes of HIIT together – whether you run, bike, swim or use a cardio machine, go for 30 seconds of max intensity followed by 30 seconds of complete rest! Stretch that intensity and be sure to take a complete rest!

Daily Photo Challenge

MUSIC:  what tunes are you currently getting your fitness on to?! Upload and share your current gym jam!

#LGAccountability #LGTeamKini

Tip of the Day: The power of a playlist…. boy does it make a difference during a workout. Music can truly make a workout and today’s tip is one that I’ve recently discovered and really think would help my fellow LG Sisters! Create playlists based on your mood. Obviously, we all go to the gym to crush a workout; our moods, however ((lol such a woman thing)) may vary day to day. Some days, I race into the gym ready to take on the world and other days, I’m dragging my feet, holding onto the hope that my workout will lift my spirits and boost my energy. Create a few playlists with different vibes. For instance, I have a playlist that I call “flow” and it’s filled with Coldplay and The Goo Goo Dolls ((have any other Goo Goo Dolls fans pre-ordered the new album?! 3 new songs out already!)) – when I’m on that playlist I’m just in the flow, not really focused on music but just in a good state. I have another playlist titled “pump up” and it contains mostly EDM and fast beat songs. My other go-to playlist titled “bad ass” is filled with rap music. Playlists by mood has been so helpful in allowing the beat to charge me. Also, I too often found myself hitting the next button about 25 times in between sets, which is such a energy sucker. Playlists are the perfect remedy to that! Need a quick burst of gym motivation?? Download a new song or two… it works for me every time!

Community Check In #LGTeamKini

To hold yourself accountable, check in with the community on Instagram!

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