ConfidenceKini Challenge: Arms (W3D5)

Today’s To-Do List:
[ ] Weighted Workout: Arms

[ ] Photo Challenge

[ ] Community Check In


  • This workout consists of 3 circuits; complete each circuit for a total of 3 rounds before moving onto the next


Daily Photo Challenge
TEA: upload a photo of your favorite tea… is this an excuse to stop at the coffee shop this morning?! Is sure is 😉

#LGAccountability #LGTeamKini
Tip of the Day: I could write a laundry list of benefits for tea and I’m sure you’ve read them on every health and fitness publication out there, so I’ll share my favorite two benefits that you may enjoy as well. First off, tea (some tea – there are obviously decaf versions) is a great source of natural caffeine. I’m all about a little kick of energy in the morning or before a workout, but in today’s society, I think the caffeine addiction is real and really not healthy! Tea provides just enough to give you a little kick without the excess that can wreck havoc on our adrenal system. Secondly, tea is my go-to for when those craving creep up between meals. I look forward to enjoying different types of tea throughout the day and lately, I’m all about that peppermint tea! And those benefits are worth looking up!! Oh by the way… scroll down a tad… 😉 Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.08.29 PM
*This giveaway is NOT sponsored / hosted by Starbucks
Community Check In #LGTeamKini
To hold yourself accountable, check in with the community on Instagram!
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