ConfidenceKini- Biceps + Triceps Arm Workout (W2D1)

Happy Monday! Here is an arm workout for those lady guns! I believe every woman should have the experience of looking in the mirror, flexing her arm and SEEING her own physical strength.

lauren gleisberg confidencekini challengelauren gleisberg doing a biceps and triceps arm workout

COOK: to kick off the start of a food-focused week, I encourage you to cook anything! It doesn’t have to be a big prep or an elaborate meal, just make something new and fresh. If you need ideas, look here  #LGTeamKini and #LGAccountability tag me @laurengleisberg so I can be sure to see it too!


ANTHONY IS TAKING OVER THE BLOG TODAY! He is sharing 3 ways he supports me and my goals. It may be a helpful read for how those around you can assist with your health and fitness journey! Read HERE


Join in the challenge! It’s not too late!

The ConfidenceKini Challenge is 5 week fitness, food and lifestyle challenge. This spring challenge will help you shed weight and fat, gain muscle, see definition and most importantly, feel confident in your skin!


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