Chest & Triceps – 10/22

-Resistance band press
-Dumbbell press
     superset with push ups
-Incline barbell press
     superset with push up holds (explained on download)

-Overhead cable extensions
-Single arm cable extensions
     superset with barbell kickbacks

Dollar a Day Training: Sets, reps, and weight suggestions are included on the downloadable
workout version, as well as my personal training tips and explanations
of exercise variations, including further specifications for what stance to use in the leg press.

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Favorite chest exercise is any form of a push up! Other than the two today, I enjoy incline and decline variations, especially including the bosu ball as it engages the abdominal muscles.
Fitness Barbie Gym Style:
Top: Nike
Crops: Lululemon 
Eat Clean to Get Lean: Loving
this weeks meal plan that emphasizes “colorful meals.” Healthy eating
doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, I find I’m more likely to stick to
my diet when I’m trying something new, excited about a recipes, or
eating pretty meals! Colorful meals, to me, most often come in the forms of incorporating fruits and vegetables. Because fruits, although natural, are often higher in sugar and carbs, I tend to do more vegetables over fruit, but I certainly do not restrict fruit in my meal plans! It’s all about moderating and timing in my opinion! 
Song of the Day: Southern Girl -Tim McGraw
I’ve always heard the style of music you listen to can highly affect your emotions and mood. Well, I’ve never really been a country music fan until the past few months, and I just love the way it makes me feel! Carefree! Happy! Joyful!
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  1. :::nikki:::

    Those bosu push-ups kick my butt and I always feel it in my abs the next day!!!

    • Fitness Barbie

      Totally agree!

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