CBD Q&A: the most common questions I receive on one of my fav products

If you follow along with me, you probably have heard my journey with CBD. I first started 2 years ago, and it has been a game changer for me. If you’re not familiar, I shared my experience here if you’re interested in the full version.

Full Disclosure- I work with Equilibria (the CBD brand I use). I used their CBD prior to working with them, and I pay for my own subscription box each month that’s how much I believe in it and use it.

If you ever want to try it and save, you can use my code LAURENGLEISBERG for 20% off (HERE)

Brief Recap:
After I had my second son, Beckham, I began struggling with postpartum anxiety. It was an immense feeling of overwhelm that felt like a pile of bricks sitting on my chest morning, noon and night. When I went to bed and would wake up with this same feeling (a feeling like I couldn’t handle my day), I knew I needed to figure this out. Actually, to be honest, my loved ones encouraged me to seek help after I tried to “tough it out” for too long.

My OB went through medications and I asked about CBD, and her reply was “it’s worth a try.” Fast forward almost 2 years, and it’s a product I take daily. It helps me manage my stress, helps me sleep like a rock and feel more like myself!

I have received so many questions from you all and wanted to compile everything in one place.

Q: What is the brand you use?
A: I did my research because I wanted the best quality. I found and use the brand Equilibria. The brand is a by women/for woman brand which I love – the quality, consistency, and brand trust truly sets the brand a part. And, personally I like that they offer a good amount of products like oil, capsules, creams, bath salts, etc.

What really sold me is the customer support that goes along with the products. When you buy their products, you can talk to their specialists for when to use and what to take so you don’t feel overwhelmed. They also have pharmacists that work for them that can help you if you are on other medications. I have personally done the calls and it is such a benefit whether you are new and feel overwhelmed/don’t know where to start or even if you are regular and thinking about changing your dosage. I can not recommend the benefits of these professionals.

Q: When did you first start taking CBD?
A: Being a mother is the best and hardest thing wrapped into one. After I had Beckham, I developed PP anxiety. I started taking it somewhere between 6 months to a year PP. I felt so overwhelmed constantly. This spiraled into my thought and affected my daily life. I felt like I had gone to such a dark place. I have so much empathy for anyone who deals with this but also found it is so common. It is like a little tribe – you never know how it feels until you feel it. Dark times look different to everyone but we are all connected through it. I was encouraged to go to my doctor and asked for something natural to try first as opposed to medication. We decided CBD was worth a try.

Q: What was the first thing you noticed when you starting taking it?
A: Sleep and stress improvements. I first noticed I was sleeping much better. I not only fall asleep faster but I STAY asleep. I also think my anxiety and stress is higher at night as my mind races. With CBD, I get so relaxed I just get sleepy and fall asleep. I don’t feel knocked out but I stay asleep and wake feeling well rested. Waking up also feels better and I feel less stressed throughout the day and overall feel more “balanced”.

Q: What do the drops taste like and which flavor do you prefer?
A: I do unflavored. I think of CBD oil like a drop of unflavored olive oil under my tongue. I barely notice it. They do have other flavors like mint which is good but to me it’s more “noticeable.” The drops are fast acting, and the capsules are slower release.

Q: What do you order?
A: The box I personally subscribe to and pay for is the Calm Box; I get the oil, soft gels + melt aways each month. If I didn’t get that subscription box, I would choose the Balance Box (oil + soft gels) I joined on a subsection because I take it everyday and don’t want to run out. It is less hassle to remember to order it and just have it come monthly. It also is 20% off so saves you more money. You can cancel anytime (no fees), pause, or switch the products in your box. (See below for these options).

Q: Can you explain more about the subscription boxes?
A: Basically, right before you run out of CBD, your new one arrives lol. I was doing regular purchases, running out, and then freaking out. I do the Calm Box – oil, capsules + melt aways (these are little dissolvable tabs for fast acting and I’m obsessed with them). Also, I get a subscription discount each month for doing this but I cancel at anytime without fees, switch my box, etc. And, you can use my code: LAURENGLEISBERG on top for additional 20% off (try it here)

Q: Does it make you feel high?
A: Not at all. THC gives you the high. CDD doesn’t have the THC (or the legal limit is 0.3%) and EQ is tested and ensures all of that. CBD is offered in different forms (oils, capsules, creams etc.) and some are fast acting while others are a slow release. CBS (and the results) build up in our bodies so you actually feel the benefits more with consistency and time.

I remember when I first took it, I kept saying, “I don’t feel it yet.” CBD doesn’t make you feel high or sleep.. it just “takes the edge off.” This is not something that hits like a brick wall. It is a subtle calm that if you stay consistent with and get on a good routine/dose you just feel more balanced with time.

Q: How often do you take CDB? Do you use it night to morning?
A: I myself use it 3x/daily. I try to think of it as a multivitamin – I take it everyday to feel my best. When you buy any EQ product, you can talk to a specialist for free. I told them my schedule and when I feel stressed. They set me up with this personally

AM 1/2 dropper (CBD can actually help with focus/energy in AM)
Afternoon – capsule, slow release to manage after school/dinner Chao (a stressful time for me)
PM 1/2 dropper before bed

Q: Do you take it daily or just when you need it?
A: For me, it is a daily thing. It build up your body to really deep the maximum benefits and it can take months which is why consistency is key. This is also why I do the subscription boxes.

Q: Does it help with aches/pains from working out?
A: It can be great for inflammation. The EQ relief cream is especially great for sore muscles and cramps.

For reference, I have listed my favorites below. Remember, you can use code: LAURENGLEISBERG for 15% off

Calm+ Collection

This is the box I personally use.

Balance+ Collection

Another great option for a subscription box.

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