Cardio Bootcamp (#LGFitmas Day 4) – 11/26

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When your fiancé interrupts your workout selfie session to pay you a compliment & a kiss, that image makes the final cut! This workout wasn’t a typical one of mine, but I wanted to challenge myself to some sort of outdoor workout that combined HIIT (high intensity interval training) and LISS (low intensity steady state). 
Top & Pants: Lululemon
Workout Wednesday Tip: “How many days per week do you do cardio” is a pretty popular question in the fitness world. As you know, my approach to healthy living is to keep it as balanced and enjoyable as possible; I also use my educational background and 8 years of training experience to provide you with the most efficient solutions. If that is the type of approach you would like to take as well, then here is my answer to the above question….get in some form of cardio 5 days per week BUT ((and it’s a bigggg but hehe)) not one of those days needs to be a “cardio only” day. Cardiovascular training, by definition, is one that elevates the heart rate for an extended period of time. When you understand that definition, you can begin to apply “cardio” in many different ways…many fun ways! Our heart rate is elevated during workouts, such as weight training. Weight training also has major benefits, such as shaping the body and increasing muscle mass ((and we all know muscle acts as a calorie burner simply by existing)). For that reason, I primarily focus on weight training and when I do cardio days, I implement movements such as the ones above that have more benefits that simply walking or running would!
Day 4 Challenge: This cardio workout also challenged your core strength; in my opinion, the plank is the best test of the overall strength of your midsection, so I challenge you to plank your heart out and record your record time. Next week, we will attempt to beat this! Show me your mid-plank #LGSweatSeshSelfie 😉
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    Aww such a cute pic!!! <3

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    November 29, 2014 at 3:27 AM

    Just found your blog – thanks for sharing your workouts. It's keeping me motivated.

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