Can I skip a workout? Can I add in something else? Weight Training Plan Tips

Today is the first day of the Summer Challenge and the Weight Training Plan X (where all the workouts are found). Woohoo! Now how do we make it work best for you?! I’ve got lots of scenarios and solutions for you to modify and tweak the challenge and plan to set yourself up for success and results.

Okay, first things first… I always say that I don’t like to skimp on anything I give you. My goal is to provide as much as I can and then allow you to modify if needed. You’ll notice that in the Weight Training Plan X there are 4 traditional lifting days, 1 x-treme/challenge workout and 1 cardio day. I do that intentionally so that you have those resources and workouts available but you do not need to workout all those days. 
By no means is this me saying you need to workout 6 days per week to see great results. I just like to give you as much as possible and show you how to modify to best suit your schedule.
Doing YOUR best is the very best plan for you. Whether that means working out 3 days per week and eating nutritiously 50% of the time or working out every day and hitting your nutrition goals 90% of the time… you best IS the best. There is no one size fits all, so I’m here to help you modify this challenge and plan for you.

#YouDoYouBooBoo and be confident about it. I like to give you the option to have a workout every day and let you take it where you’d like. Here’s my suggestion for the challenge… take each workout as it comes. Just because the plan says Monday = Legs + Abs doesn’t mean it has to be like that for you. If you can’t work out, pick up on Tuesday with the “Monday” workout.
If you like to workout 3 days per week… make workouts 1-3 your week 1 and workouts 4-6 your week 2. Pick back up wherever you left off as you navigate through this plan making modifications for your schedule. Most importantly, feel good about your workouts and the rate at which you complete them. There is no right or wrong.

Perfect! I encourage it! I love a yoga class every now and then. I want to try spinning when I get back into the swing of things. I like to take 2 approaches to including different styles of workouts.
1) Listen to Your Body – some days, I’m not motivated to get in a lift but I’m craving a random YouTube video of a 20 minute yoga flow that I can do at home. Go for it! It doesn’t matter what the scheduled workout is… add in what you’re feeling and pick back up with your lifting next time!
2) Compliment Your Lifting with Other Workouts – let’s say you love long-distance running. You could scratch my suggested cardio days and cardio add on workouts and do your running on those days.

Something is better than nothing! Even if it’s ten minutes! There are lots of options here as well. If there are 3 sets of each exercise suggested, trim it down to 2 sets. If a circuit suggests 2 rounds, opt for 1 round. You can also complete just the Weight Training Work Sets. Perhaps you nix any recommended/suggested add ons. Never feel guilty about trimming down a workout… make the most of whatever time you can dedicate.

My summer challenges always are in an ebook guide format because I like you to have the workouts upfront for this purpose. Summer is a busy season with vacations and adventures, so let’s find the balance
1) Home Plan – just like you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time away from your workouts, you shouldn’t feel that working out on vacation isn’t “balanced.” There are some vacations where I don’t worry about my workouts and others that I keep up with it simply because I enjoy it! I suggest trying out the home plan so you can simply pack some resistance bands (turn any dumbbell movements into resistance band movements). 
2) Cardio Only – on beach vacations, I often just like to get my exercise in through cardio. I mean who is seriously complaining about a walk on the beach or water activities?!
3) Enjoy – enjoy a few days or a  week off from your workouts if you’re heading on vacation. Simply pick back up where you left off or dive into the day of the plan that the community is on! 

Don’t you worry, girl! I don’t care if you’ve missed one workout, one week of workouts or one month of workouts. Just jump back in! Pick up right where you left off. Or, if you want the added accountability, opt to start right where the rest of the community is. 
The biggest thing to remember is that this is a journey. You can’t get off track because the journey is always leading us where we should be.
I cannot wait to take on these next 8 weeks together. These weeks will be filled with challenging yet motivating workouts, yummy meals, and community fun!

The new Weight Training Plan X is the official fitness plan for summer…
weight training plan x lauren gleisberg
weight training plan x lauren gleisberg
You do not need to complete any other versions of the plan prior, so start with this plan if you’re brand new to the LG challenges and guides
Both the home and gym plans follow the same schedule, so YOU choose to workout at home, in the gym or both!
I created the 8 Week Food Plan to be the nutrition compliment for the WTP-X to accelerate your results…
8 week food plan
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