Product Review: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer + Volumizer Brush

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer + Volumizer Hot Air Brush (this one) has been popping up everywhere, so, of course, I wanted to test it out and give my review. I also wanted to compile a list of my styling tips as well as many of yours. As soon as I posted a photo of this on my Instagram stories, you flooded my DMs with amazing tricks that I felt I needed to share too!

This product is a hybrid between a blow dryer and round brush. It’s designed to be a one-step tool to give a professional-looking blow out (and it promises you’ll achieve this look in less time)

Let’s cut right to it because I think this product is awesome and I loved the result but I think you can use this in an unconventional way to achieve a salon-quality blow out yet better protect your hair.
The only con I would give about this product is that it gets very hot and your hair is directly on it. In fact, the negative reviews I read from both this LG Community and on Amazon were that some women felt this product damaged their hair. Personally, I think that’s a risk with any heat product, so I alwayssss like to start with a heat protectant product.
The one I use is THIS (for heat, detangling + technically 21 total benefits, I love it!)
But, I’m also going to by THIS because of the 3000+ amazing reviews.
I have a little trick that I do to cut down on dry time as well as keep my hair healthy. I wash my hair in the evening. I brush through it and I put it in a low ponytail bun. I use a non-crimp hair band to further protect against breakage. Then, I go to bed like that. When I wake up, my hair is damp but not wet. This is when I would use the Revlon Hair Dryer Brush!
TIP #3: BLOW DRY FIRST (especially the roots!)
Many of you suggested blow drying your hair about 80% especially at the roots. The hair dryer brush has an oval shape. It’s a bit bulky and while it does get close to the roots, I don’t find that it dries the roots all that well. If you don’t use tip #2, then I would suggest blow drying your hair pretty well with a traditional dryer first.
THIS is by far my favorite hair dryer of all time. It took my dry time from 30-40 minutes down to 13 minutes. To me, it’s worth every penny!
Because the hair dryer brush has actual bristles, it obviously acts as a hair brush. My hair gets easily tangled, so I noticed that it’s best if thoroughly brush it out prior to using this product to prevent hair from collecting.
For the majority of my hair, I used the high setting (high refers to the level of hair flow not the temperature). I did, however, switch to the cool setting to finish off the look as well as what I used on my roots. I read that a cool heat helps give more volume.
Get it! It’s so worth the purchase in my opinion! $50ish for a hair styling tool is a good price point. I absolutely love the result. I have frizzy, thick and curly hair. NEVER does a hair dryer give me a finished product; I always have to run a flat iron and/or curler through it. I only used this product and absolutely loved the look. It truly gives a salon-quality blow out. 
My mom has a chin-length bob, I lent mine to her and I swear her hair has never looked better. It was full of volume, shiny and full of life.
I purchased mine on Amazon  (here)

  • price – it’s just $55
  • volumizing – your hair truly has bounce to it
  • smooth + shiny – my hair felt amazing after using this product
  • overall results – you can achieve a professional-quality blowout look with this


  • bulky – the overall size of the dryer/brush, especially the handle is bulky; you get used to it but if you have small hands you may notice this more
  • heat – you can’t control the actual temperature (there’s just cool and then low/high air flow settings) and it does get pretty hot at times

finally, I don’t know if this is a true con or just one final point, but I wouldn’t use this product to fully dry my hair. I would let it air dry or use a traditional blow dryer to achieve an 80% dry point and then use this product!

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