Back, Glutes & Weighted Abs (Curves Made of Muscle) – 9/13

-Lat pull downs
-Bent over barbell rows
-Single arm rows
-Seated cable rows with rope attachment
-Pull ups to failure

-Reverse hyperextensions
-Good mornings
-Step ups on assisted pull up machine
     -Superset with dumbbell plie squats
-Reverse hyperextensions

Weighted Abs:
This weighted ab workout uses both the cable machine & dumbbell to build the core muscles. Full weighted ab workout is available on downloadable version.

Dollar a Day Training: Always my favorite workout of the week – love building sexy, muscular curves! This was my best designed workout this week and favorite glute workout in a long time – on this download are specified sets, reps, and weight suggestions, as well as the full ab workout and my personal training tips and explanations of how I preform these movements.

“If you don’t want to hold yourself accountable, your results will”
Fitness Barbie Gym Style:
Top & Bottoms: Lululemon
Shoes: Nike Frees
“A woman with abs is a woman with willpower”
Daily Dose of Motivation: Be a super(wo)man! I
promise I do more than workout and eat ­čśë Other than healthy living,
education is another passion of mine. I’m a biology major grad and
dental school applicant; in the mean time, I’m finishing up 3 dental
school prerequisites needed from changing my desired career path 10x
(pre-med majors can typically relate lol). I firmly believe knowledge is
power and that nerds are sexy, so there’s nothing I want more than to
be a powerful, sexy, lean, muscle machine!

September Challenge:
Physical goal – how did you make forward progression in your workout today? Upping weights or reps? How about less rest time? 
Personal goal – meditation! I hope my two examples of meditation on previous posts helped you broaden your definition of meditation. Years ago, I used to think of meditation as goofy yogis humming and sitting cross legged; little did I know, meditation would become a favorite part of my day. I hope you’ve found this as well.
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  1. shaunna

    I just recently subscribed to your blog. I scrolled down and found the quote, "A woman with abs is a woman with willpower." Hello! Light bulb moment. After having my kiddo it has been a tough road but I am getting there. Need a bit more willpower ­čÖé

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