Back & Glutes – 7/2

Back & Glutes
-assisted pull ups
-wide grip seated cable rows
-bent over barbell rows
     -superset with barbell deadlifts
-wide grip lat pull lat pull downs (drop sets)

-smith machine single leg deadlifts
     -superset with smith machine split squats
-glute bridges
     -superset with jump squats

TIP OF THE DAY: Reps? Sets? Weight? I do not post these numbers because I want you all to identify your goals (building muscle, losing fat, etc.), and preform the number of sets/reps designated for those pathways. For more on this, check out a past video blog I shared (click here). For weight, I suggest starting at a weight in which you can use proper form. From there, you can move up as it becomes easier for you. Still, I would recommend form taking precedence over upping the weight.

The sun always shines in my world ­čÖé
Fitness Barbie Gym Style:
Top: TJ Maxx (new $20, absolutely adore this)
Crops: Lululemon
Shoes: Nike Frees
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Daily Dose of Motivation: Stay away from those nasty tabloids… don’t let allow marketing research and tactics to alter your confidence. There are moments
where I can’t help but think what is wrong with this world:
reading tabloid covers at the grocery store check out. My thoughts… 1) If you actually buy these magazines thinking you will feel better about
yourself after seeing a celebrity look bad, seek professional help 2) Don’t let yourself be a victim of marketing (magazine covers of how a
celebrity dropped 10lbs in 2 weeks or a miracle diet & secret
workout plan of a VS model) 3) Commenting on how someone is too thin is
just as hurtful as calling someone overweight, which I think is one of
the greatest double standards in society.

Fitness Barbie Style: “Fashion fades, style is eternal” I’ve never been into the latest trends…my style is all about classic, timeless, elegance. I like mixing high end pieces with inexpensive items. I really believe what makes an outfit look great is person wearing it; yes, a great body helps, but a little bit of confidence goes a long way.
Both pairs of shoes from TJ Maxx as well
Sandals: City Classified
Flats: Mia
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  1. Katie Lindsay

    Love reading your daily workouts especially leg and glute ones as its so hard coming up with different exercises! I totally understand about reps/weight etc… I asked you the other day on here about it but I understand everyone's different!
    My boyfs a personal trainer so I've been bugging him to help me with a programme using your workouts!
    Reading your blog keeps me motivated that I can do it!!
    Katie x

    • Fitness Barbie

      Hi Katie,
      I'm glad you're finding it useful as well as getting help from your boyfriend! Gather all the brian power you can ­čÖé

      Thank you for your sweet words.


  2. Anonymous

    You are such a motivation! Your blog is so informational and easy to follow which I love. You seem so knowledgable and it shows through your passion to make yourself and others better. Everytime I am struggling to get out of bed in the morning and get to the gym, I check Instagram or your blog and am instantly motivated and have a workout plan I can follow!!

    You are an inspiration and role model to me,
    Keep up the awesome work girl.

    Xo Bre

    • Fitness Barbie

      Hi Bre,
      That was such a sweet message; thank you so much! I'm so happy to be of help to you in even the smallest of ways! Keep up your hard work girl!


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