5 Week Food Plan – Sample Full Day of Eating

Curious to see what a full day of eating is like when following the 5 Week Food Plan? Here is a delicious little sample.

The 5 Week Food Plan is a brand new meal-by-meal healthy eating guide I created to pair with the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred workout program. It is the easiest, most maintainable food plan to follow, which is why I am so excited about the results. Most diets and plans fail because of our inability to stay consistent. The best meal plan = the one we can stick with.

This is my secret sauce to making the plan easy to follow. Without giving too much away the approach found in the plan, this 4 point approach is what allows us to eat in accordance to our goals yet keeps everything super simple.

  • you will cook only ONCE per day; the rest is moreso meal assembly
  • there’s no counting calories or macros (I do that hard work so you don’t have to)
  • little to no meal prep – some weeks, you won’t even have anything to meal prep ahead of time
  • reducing snacking; I have a dinner trick that has helped curb my cravings and indulgences at night

We are all busy bees and it’s essential that we can put a healthy breakfast together within a few minutes. I made this smoothie in ~3 minutes and enjoyed it while diving into my inbox. This is my Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie recipe… smooth, creamy and satisfying. Today, I added in a scoop of collagen for extra health benefits! 
Disclaimer – my smoothies don’t look this beautiful each AM but that’s why I have a food photographer on the LG team lol
peanut butter banana protein smoothie
The beauty of lunch in the 5 Week Food Plan is that it’s already made the night prior. Again, I don’t want to give away too much that’s in the plan but lunch is a simple reheat + enjoy! NO COOKING! Today is Taco Lasagna, which is one of my favorite all time recipes. It’s a meal that my entire family loves too!
My girl, Sarah is already following the Food Plan and I just saw her IG story of the Taco Lasagna… how delicious does this look?!
lauren gleisberg taco lasagna
I get hungry in the afternoon… not enough for an entire meal but definitely hungry enough that I need a little something. Snacks are often low in protein and high in carbs (not optimal for our goals), so it’s key the snacks in this plan contain protein and come together quickly. Today, I am enjoying yogurt and granola. 
healthy snack yogurt and granola
This is when we cook ONCE for the entire day. I am not talking about cooking a crazy, extensive dinner. I’m referring to meals that are 10 mins of hands on prep, bake and enjoy OR toss in a crockpot and serve fresh on a plate…. cooking LG style ;):)
It’s a fresh dinner and my ultimate trick to seeing results through food. If we cook a satisfying dinner in the evening, we are less likely to reach for junk and snacks later in the night (a time most of us struggle the most).
Tonight, it’s PIZZA! Wait, what? Yes… pizza is on the plan. 
BBQ chicken pizza
Some nights, I am so satisfied with dinner than I’m not in the mood for an evening snack. Other nights, I want a little bit of something. Two nights ago, I enjoyed popcorn. Last night, I was craving these veggie trays I get at my local grocery store (I’ve always been a veggies + dip girl). There is an entire list of light snacks you can enjoy included in the plan.

…and that is how delicious it is to eat with the 5 Week Food Plan! It’s hard to believe you can eat like that AND see results, but just watch! You’ll prove it to yourself!



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  1. Nicole

    Is this 5 week plan included if you’re a meal plan member?

    • Assistant LG

      Hi Nicole,
      I am not sure if you find out your answer yet, but yes the 5 week meal plan is included in those who were already a meal plan member!

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