4 Healthy Foods You're Overeating (warning: hidden carbs!)

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You want to know what I see as the real reason some individuals rise to the top of their game in health and fitness?! I see these people as those who have tried a lot, learned a lot and communicate it well to an audience.
What I mean by that… I believe I have this blog and I believe a reason is why it’s popular is because I have tried a lot of eating approaches. I made tons of mistakes. I wasted a lot of time.
BUT, I learned from it all and now I have this platform to save you the time and stress. 
Here is one nutrition takeaway that changed the game for me…

Bottom line, macros and portions matter. If you’re not building muscle, if you’re not losing fat or weight, if you’re not getting to your goals, yet “you’re eating healthy,” this may be the problem!
This is what I see people overeating even though it’s healthy.

This is at the top of the list for a reason. The average smoothie I see contains more carbs than a bag of skittles. AND because it becomes liquid calories, it doesn’t seem to be as satiating (filling) so we are hungry not too soon after.
PROBLEM: too much sugar/carbs (fruit, yogurt, etc.)
SOLUTION: keep the fruit to a maximum of 1 cup. Use greens like spinach or kale. And, include a protein source to balance the macronutrients and keep you fuller longer.
I could actually say granola and cereal. We are often overeating granola because the serving size is much less than what we imagine. 
Just think of the bowl of cereal your pour for yourself. Now, go check the serving size on that cereal. You’ll probably be surprise that yours far exceeds that!
Another issue is that granola is often added into other foods like yogurt and fruit (carbs on carbs).
These are healthy options but the key is to monitor the overall portions and carbohydrate/sugar intake
PROBLEM: serving size (most people double, triple or even quadruple the serving size without realizing it AND add in more carbs like yogurt or fruit)
SOLUTION: simply be mindful of how many carbs you’re looking to have or look for lower-carb granolas and cereals if you like volume
One of my favorite foods yet one to be very mindful of because nuts are incredibly calorie-dense.
PROBLEM: nuts are full of calories (even though they’re good) and we often snack on these without being aware of how much we are eating
SOLUTION: I set my portions by taking around 1/4 cup to make sure I’m not overeating
Starchy vegetables like peas and corn are beneficial veggies but because of the higher carbohydrate contents.
One cup of corn contains just as many carbs as a slice of bread. Again, this is okay but many of us are not aware of those nutrition facts.
PROBLEM: not knowing the carb counts of starchy vegetables
SOLUTION: build meals knowing some veggies contain a significant amount of carbs
Knowledge is power. All of the items of this list are still perfectly healthy and things I eat regularly. 
Just wanted to share in case you didn’t realize you were overeating some of these foods.
Please comment any you would add to this list so we can help each other out in the LG Community!

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  1. Martha

    Oatmeal topped with loads of fruit. Like you said, carbs on carbs!

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