My 30×30 Fat Loss Shred Plan Progress Pics + Update (Winter 2018)

The brand new 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan has been live for a few weeks now and I’ve officially completed every. single. workout. I wanted to share my progress pictures from the plan, give an update on where I’m at with training and answer some questions I’ve been receiving lately.

So, THIS is the plan I’ve been following. Obviously I created the progam; when I put it together a workout plan, I test everything out prior in the exact sequence. When the plan launched, I had completed 45 days of the workout (30×30 days 1-30 and then 15 days of my favorite workouts). These pictures reflect that.

If I can be humbly honest… I was so impressed with my progress. I didn’t expect to see this big of changes. I love it so much I decided to follow it cover to cover again with the community, so that’s what I’m currently doing.
lauren gleisberg wearing black lululemon shorts and bra
Without a doubt my body composition has been the most noticeable physical result; I gained muscle and lost body fat. I actually see my muscles. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked in the mirror and felt strong to be honest. Like almost a year now.
When I started 30×30, I was probably at my most beginner like state. I had very little muscle mass. What muscle I did have was covered by a bit of fat. I was also really out of shape cardiovascularly.
I just feel so fit and strong. Yes, looking a certain way is great but the further I get into my journey, the more I care about feeling good.
Commitment. It’s been a reallllllly long time (if ever?!) that I’ve actually been able to complete a workout plan from start to finish. I’ll take a week off. I’ll get excited about something else and switch plans. I will miss a few too many days and quit.
I think the fact that the 30×30 workouts are just 30 minutes has something to do with my success in committing to the plan. Mentally, I’m so much more like “oh yeah- I can get in a 30 minute workout.” Also in the 30×30 plan, every 3rd day is an active rest day (ie: stretching + LISS), so just being able to wake up and go for a walk is so refreshing and then I get all pumped up to hit the gym the next day.
I know this isn’t 30×30 related but nutrition is my greatest challenge. I’ve been following the 30 Day Meal Plan but it’s been a bit hit or miss to be perfectly honest. I’ll be great for 3-4 days. Then a day or two will be reallllllly off like I will eat everything in sight or I’ll be in go-go-go mode where I’m not eating enough. I just would like to be more consistent. Not perfect just consistently doing 80/20 eating.
lauren gleisberg postpartum workout progress in black lululemon
This picture is my 6 month postpartum progress. My post-baby body journey was far from what I expected. I thought I would be the mom working out a few weeks postpartum and back to full training by 2 months.
Well, at 2 months, I was just getting to the gym. Physically, I recovered very well but I struggled finding motivation/time for the gym as a new mom so I did feel a bit “delayed” on beginning my postpartum workouts.
I would say at 2 months, I began regular workouts, following what will by my postpartum workout plan. Between 3-4 months, I was actually getting into the workouts and feeling like myself; yet, I still struggled a bit with consistently getting in the workouts. Around 4-5 months, I was totally in my groove.
lauren gleisberg postpartum progress in black lululemon
My target for the launch of my “mom plan” is spring. As much as I would like to give a solid date and just put it out there, I’m committed to making it the most comprehensive, most effective plan for expecting moms and moms with little ones. There will be a prenatal workout plan, a postpartum workout plan, a cookbook and a healthy, happy mom lifestyle guide!
Add your email below if you’re interested in that so I can be in touch that way!
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Now onto some questions I’ve been receiving…
What workouts are you currently doing?
I am currently following the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan. 30 minute workouts are my thing right now and the progress has been so motivating!

What workout plan will you be doing next?
I’m totally undecided. I either want to do an additional round of 30×30. OR, I am going to transition back into traditional weight training and complete phase 1 of the Weight Training Plan 2.0 – I’ll let you know what I decide on.

What do you do for cardio/abs?
I’m still doing a lot of core training that is related to postpartum and I think I’m going to continue that for another month or so before I add in my usual ab workouts.

How are you eating?
Like I mentioned above, I’m following the 30 Day Meal Plan. Although I’ve had good days and not so good days, I will say that I’m getting much better about eating 4-5 meals per day. I’m continuing to work on kicking my snacking habit and focusing on complete meals.

Do you workout at the gym or at home?
Both! I’ve been switching between the two and I also think that is really adding to my motivation for the plan!

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